QMU Guidance - Discontinuation of practice placement

Discontinuation of a practice placement

Discontinuation of a placement is a rare event, however it can occur and each situation is unique. It is important that all involved in this decision be as objective as possible, are clear about the relevant evidence that they have, follow the relevant procedures, seek advice and record decisions and outcomes.

A placement may be terminated for reasons related to the student, reasons related to the practice educator, reasons related to the placement site, or a combination of all of these.

Reasons related to the student

  • Professional conduct

  • Issues related to competency and/or fitness to practise

  • Risk assessment has identified serious and likely risk of the student causing harm to themselves, and/or service users/carers

  • Health and safety issues and mandatory programme requirements

  • Personal issues

  • Service- user or carer related

Reasons related to the practice educator

  • Practice educator competency, and/or conduct issues
  • Personal issues

Reason related to the placement site

  • Staffing shortages
  • Service user related issues
  • Outbreak of infectious disease

Where this is the case the University should be notified at the earliest opportunity so that an appropriate action plan can be developed.

Possible actions might be:

  • Placement continues with extra support from the placement provider, and the University;
  • Another Practice Educator is able to facilitate the placement for the student in the same area;
  • Another Practice Educator is able to facilitate the placement for the student in a different area;
  • The placement terminated is taken at another time dependant upon made by the Board of Examiner;
  • In the instance of a pass standard being unachievable, resulting in a failed practice placement, consultation between the student, Professional Practice Tutor, and Programme Leader will take place to determine the most appropriate way forward.