Please check your schedule before attending your induction at QMU. If you have any queries about your induction please see our contacts page for details of staff at QMU who will be happy to help.

Whilst we always try not to make sudden schedule changes we do advise you to check the website for any amendments to your schedule prior to arriving at QMU.

Please also note that Programme Leaders will continue to run their own induction sessions after the main induction week.

Please note that these pages are currently being updated. More information to follow.


Acting (New College Lanarkshire)

Acting for Stage and Screen

Applied Pharmacology

Business Management

Business Management (Direct Entry Levels 2-4)

Business Management (Graduate Apprenticeship)

Costume Design and Construction

Costume Design and Construction (Direct Entry Levels 2-4)

Diagnostic Radiography


Dietetics, Nutrition & Biological Sciences (Direct Entry Levels 2-4)

Drama and Performance

Drama and Performance (Direct Entry Levels 2-4)

Events Management

Events Management (Direct Entry Levels 2-4)

Film and Media

Film and Media (Direct Entry Levels 2-4)

Hearing Aid Audiology

Human Biology

International Hospitality and Tourism Management

International Hospitality and Tourism Management (Direct Entry Levels 2-4)

Musical Theatre (New College Lanarkshire)



Nutrition and Food Science

Occupational Therapy

Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing

Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing - (Direct Entry Levels 2-4)



PR & Media & PR Programme Handbook

PR, Marketing and Events & PR Programme Handbook

PR & Media / PR, Marketing and Events (Direct Entry Levels 2-4)

Professional Practice and Graduate Certificate


Psychology and Sociology

Psychology / Psychology and Sociology / Public Sociology (Direct Entry Levels 2-4)

Public Sociology

Speech and Language Therapy

Theatre and Film

Theatre and Film (Direct Entry Levels 2-4)

Therapeutic Radiography


Art Psychotherapy (International) MSc

Arts, Festival and Cultural Management MA

Audiology MSc

Diagnostic Radiography (Pre-Reg) MSc

Dietetics MSc & Student Handbook

Digital Campaigning and Content Creation MSc & Student Handbook

Gastronomy MSc & Course Information / Reading List

Global Health

International Health (TropEd)

International Management and Leadership (all routes)

Master of Research

Media Management MSc

Musculoskeletal Medicine MSc

Music Therapy MSc & Student Handbook

Occupational Therapy (Pre-Reg) MSc  & Additional Programme Information

Occupational Therapy MSc

Person-Centred Practice MSc

Person-Centred Practice (Palliative Care) MSc

Person-Centred Practice (District Nursing) PgDip

Person-Centred Practice (Health Visiting) PgDip

Person-Centred Practice (Mental Health and Wellbeing) MSc & Student Handbook

Person-Centred Practice (Public Health and Wellbeing) PgDip & Student Handbook

Person-Centred Practice (School Nursing) PgDip

Physiotherapy (Pre-Reg) MSc

Professional and Higher Education ePgCert

Public Sociology MSc

Research (PhD and Professional Doctorates)

Sexual and Reproductive Health MSc

Social Development and Health MSc

Speech and Language Therapy (Pre-reg) MSc & Information Pack

Stage Management

Strategic Communication and PR (MSc and CIPR)

Additional Course Information

Please click below to view additional course information. If your course is not listed below, you will receive more information during induction week. Please note that Programme Leaders will continue to run their own induction sessions after the main induction week.

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