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New Staff Member @Home Induction Plan

While it is inevitable that our current circumstances will make it more challenging than usual for you to settle into your new role and for you to get to know your new colleagues, Your Induction Plan @ Home is a helpful tool which will enable your line manager to provide the necessary support so that you can carry out your role effectively and integrate you into the QMU community.

Out of office automatic email responses

Now that working from home is the norm, there has been discussion at the Business Continuity Group about whether or not staff should be encouraged to set up an automatic reply, or ‘out of office’ message and, if so, the appropriate wording. We are aware that some colleagues have felt that there is an expectation that, in the current circumstances, they will be available to respond to e-mail messages immediately at all times of the day. This is certainly not an expectation of colleagues, and it was suggested that colleagues may find it helpful to add an automatic reply in order to help manage expectations of other colleagues and students.

The conclusion of this discussion is that, rather than being prescriptive, each colleague should decide whether or not they wish to add an out of office message.

If you do decide you would like to add such a message, you can also decide how to word it, but, as a starting point, we have created a template as below. We emphasise that there is no obligation to follow this model, nor indeed to add a message at all.

Email response template

Covid-19 and current service levels at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

Because of COVID-19 (coronavirus), our staff are now working from home. In some cases, it may take them longer than usual to respond to emails.

I myself am (delete as appropriate):

working normally from home OR
I am working normally from home but managing an increased volume of emails OR
I am working from home but not my normal hours 

and will respond to your message as soon as possible.

If you are having trouble contacting an individual member of staff, you may wish to use one of the departmental email addresses below. If you email one of the departmental email addresses having already contacted an individual, please will you cancel your request to the original recipient, to avoid duplication of effort.

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