Undergraduate Master's Courses

We offer a range of four-year undergraduate master’s degrees across our range health profession degrees.

What is an undergraduate master’s degree?

An undergraduate master's degree (sometimes referred to as an enhanced undergraduate degree) is a four-year programme which combines both undergraduate and postgraduate level of study into one streamlined course.

Students start their chosen course with a view to graduating with a master’s degree in four years, instead of following the traditional model where students complete a master’s degree after completing an undergraduate degree. Years Three and Four of the undergraduate course are taught alongside postgraduate students studying on the relevant Pre-Registration* postgraduate course.

What happens if I want to do a BSc (Hons) instead?

For students who decide that an undergraduate master’s is not for them, they have the option to choose a BSc (Hons) route at the end of Year Two and they will still be eligible to apply for professional registration as soon as they graduate, eg with the HCPC in the case of Physiotherapy graduates, and with the NMC in the case of Nursing graduates.

What are the benefits of doing an integrated master’s?

There are a number of potential benefits of completing an undergraduate master’s, as set out below:

  • It is designed to enhance your depth and breadth of knowledge and skills in leadership, service improvement, research and public health, meaning you will graduate with academic abilities and experience at a higher level than you would with a BSc (Hons).
  • Doing an undergraduate master’s offers you an alternative model to the  traditional route of a four-year BSc degree followed by an additional one or two years to gain a master’s level qualification.  
  • An integrated undergraduate master’s may open up alternative career routes in research, academia, and health both nationally and globally.

Don’t forget, you are not obliged to pursue the undergraduate master’s route because you can opt to choose a BSc (Hons) route instead at the end of Year Two of your degree.

*Pre-Registration postgraduate courses are for students who already have an undergraduate degree in a relevant area who want to gain a health professional qualification.