Undergraduate Master's Courses

Are you ready to take your academic journey to a different level? Consider pursuing an undergraduate Master's degree - a unique four-year course that seamlessly blends undergraduate and postgraduate studies into a single, comprehensive course.

What is an undergraduate Master’s degree?

At QMU, you'll embark on your chosen professional path alongside fellow students during the first two years. For those seeking a deeper understanding and potential enhanced career prospects, the undergraduate master's degree accelerates your academic journey across the four years of study.

In Years Three and Four, you'll continue learning alongside students pursuing a Bachelor of Science with Honors (BSc (Hons)) degree and those enrolled in relevant postgraduate pre-registration courses*. This immersive environment fosters a collaborative learning experience, allowing you to exchange ideas and gain valuable insights from peers with diverse perspectives.

Key aspects of an undergraduate Master's degree:

  • Acquire advanced knowledge and skills that may enhance your career path.
  • Save time and money: Complete your advanced studies in a single, four-year course.
  • Enjoy a collaborative learning environment: Share ideas and learn from peers pursuing various academic pathways.
  • Embark on an unparalleled academic journey with QMU's undergraduate Master's degree course.

QMU is committed to providing students with exceptional educational opportunities, and our undergraduate Master's degrees are no exception. With their unique structure and emphasis on advanced learning, this program is designed to propel you towards a successful and fulfilling career.

If you're ready to take the next step and unlock your full potential, explore our Undergraduate Master's degree options and discover how they can transform your academic and professional aspirations.

What happens if I want to do a BSc (Hons) instead?

If you feel that the BSc (Hons) pathway is a better fit for you there is the opportunity to seamlessly transition into it after completing year two. Eligibility for the BSc (Hons) pathway is determined by a combination of your academic achievements and your career aspirations.

Our dedicated course tutors will provide guidance to help you make an informed decision about your academic pathway based on a combination of academic achievements and aspirations.

Completing the BSc (Hons) pathway ensures that you remain eligible for professional registration immediately upon graduation, allowing you to embark on your chosen profession with the necessary qualifications.

What are the differences between doing an undergraduate Master’s pathway compared to the BSc (Hons) pathway?

There are a number of potential differences when undertaking an undergraduate Master’s at QMU:

  • Over four years you will undertake an additional number of, and a higher level of credits to fulfil the requirements of the award. There is therefore a greater commitment to study.
  • The undergraduate master’s should be considered as a programme across the academic year – don’t worry though you will still get time for holidays and breaks and to work. We can tell you more about this at our open days or you can contact the admissions team.
  • The undergraduate masters is designed to enhance your depth and breadth of knowledge and skills in subjects such as leadership, service improvement, research and public health, meaning you will graduate with academic abilities and experience at a higher level than you would with a BSc (Hons).
  • Doing an undergraduate master’s offers you an alternative model to the traditional route of a four-year BSc degree followed by an additional one or two years to gain a master’s level qualification.
  • An undergraduate master’s may open alternative career routes in research, academia, and health both nationally and globally.

Don’t forget, you are not obliged to pursue the undergraduate Master’s route because there is the opportunity to follow a BSc (Hons) pathway instead at the end of Year Two of your degree.

* A postgraduate pre-registration master's degree is a two-year course and a route to changing career. Those embarking on a postgraduate pre-registration master's degree will already have a relevant undergraduate degree and it will an enable to you retrain as a HCPC registered (or equivalent) health professional. At QMU examples of these can be seen at Pre-Registration courses | Postgraduate Subject Overviews | Queen Margaret University (qmu.ac.uk)

We also offer further postgraduate master’s courses that will allow you to further your studies once you are a registered health professional. At QMU, an example of the course that we currently offer can be seen at Post-Registration Courses for Registered Health Professionals and Social Care Practitioners | Postgraduate Subject Overviews | Queen Margaret University (qmu.ac.uk)