If you are unsure about your eligibility to apply for assistance and want to discuss your financial situation then please contact the Student Funding Adviser in order to arrange a meeting before making the application.


The form can be used for those that wish to apply to the Discretionary Fund, the Childcare Fund, the Nursing Discretionary Fund and the International Hardship Fund. The form does not have a ‘save’ facility so you should ensure that you have all the information required as you will need to complete sections on your income and expenditure. If you are an undergraduate student we need you to show income and expenditure for the academic year (8 months) so for example in the box marked ‘Student Loan’ you will show your whole loan for the year and in ‘Rent/Mortgage’ you will show your monthly payments multiplied by 8. Postgraduate students will show their income/expenditure for their academic year which could be 12 months or less. There are amounts for the standard academic year that are regarded as reasonable, these should be multiplied up for those living with a partner and/or dependent children-

  • Books & Stationery - £400
  • Food & Personal items - £2,000
  • Clothing - £400

You will have to include a personal statement that outlines your financial situation and the particular reasons that you are applying.


The minimum evidence required will be a copy of the letter confirming your student funding from your funding authority along with bank statements that cover at least 8 weeks. Please note that bank statements must be in that form, not snapshots of banking apps and must show the students name, account number and sort code on at least one page. Students applying for help with childcare will have to supply evidence of their child’s registration with a nursery/childminder with a statement from the provider about weekly or monthly costs.

Students that live with a partner will have to show their partners net income for the academic year and provide bank statements from all bank accounts held.

Please note that there is not an upload facility with the application and all evidence should be scanned and sent by email to studentfunding@qmu.ac.uk. Due to closure because of COVID 19 there is currently no facility for accepting hard copies of evidence. Normally only properly scanned copies of evidence can be accepted however we are currently prepared to be more flexible and photographs of evidence will be accepted as long as the photograph is taken on a flat surface and is fully legible. If you have any questions about evidence then please email studentfunding@qmu.ac.uk.

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The University offers a Funding Advice Service for all students.

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