Free Period Products

Thanks to funding from the Scottish Government, we are able to provide free period products to QMU students. We've made these available across campus.

To address environmental concerns, our period product include a range of single-use sustainable and reusable period products, provided in partnership with Hey Girls, the Scottish ‘buy one, donate one’ period product social enterprise.

What products are available?

You'll find a selection of products that are completely free, including: 

  • Tampons (biodegradable)
  • Biodegradable pads
  • Reusable pads
  • Moon cups

You're more than welcome to take whatever you need, whether it's a full box or loose items. 

Where can I access period products?

You can find period products in all toilets in the main building, the Students’ Union and Sports building, and Accommodation. 

Please note that full packs and re-usables are only available in the Students’ Union office, and not the toilets.

What if I notice stock is running low?

If you see stocks are low, please email the Helpdesk

The delivery of free period products at QMU is coordinated in partnership by the University (Student Services and Campus Services teams) and the Students’ Union.