ELTI Summer Activity Week

ELTI Summer Activity Week

Interested in coming along for a fun activity week designed to boost your confidence, maximise your potential and get you ready for the next exciting stage in your life?

We have a programme designed especially for you.  Read on…and then join us!

What is it?

The week-long programme will give pupils a chance to:

  • work on a project with ELTI Tutors and QMU Students
  • experience Forest School
  • pick from many workshops to support their next steps
  • gain connections for work experience opportunities
  • win prizes.

Who can take part?

Senior phase pupils who have participated in ELTI (Tutoring Initiative), or might participate next year. 

The programme will benefit pupils who are:

  • staying on at school
  • going to college
  • going to University
  • moving on to employment.

Who will run the programme?

The hosts will be a combination of QMU staff facilitators, trained QMU peer educators (students) and external guests, including ELTI Tutors and local Employers.



There will be four on-campus days held at Queen Margaret University and one Forest School Day held off-campus at Newhailes Estate.



The programme will run for one week, from Monday 4th July - Friday 8th July.  Each day will start at 10am and finish at 3.30pm.



This is a free activity week.  All costs are being met by our generous external funders. 

Participants will be provided with lunch and snacks throughout the week.

All participants will also receive a £10 Amazon voucher on completion of the week.

What will I be doing?

On the Monday, you will be given the chance to get to know the Activity Leaders, the other pupils on the programme, and the University Campus.

Team Task Force

On the Monday, participants will also be presented with the challenge:

What can we do to improve social justice and create equal opportunity for all?

This theme was selected by some local school children and can be approached in a number of different ways. You will select one of six approaches and be put into a team of a maximum of eight pupils, led by an ELTI tutor and a QMU student, to work on this challenge. This is your Team Task Force. 

With your team you will come up with a solution to the challenge, and, at the end of the week, present this solution. There are lots of options on how your solution could be presented: for example, your team might design a new website, or develop a short film; put together a business plan for an event to raise people’s awareness, or design a sustainable product; come up with a healthy idea based on food or exercise. This list is almost endless, and the choice will be completely down to your team!

You will work in your Team Task Force on the Monday and Wednesday afternoons and the Tuesday and Friday mornings, and you will present your solution on the Friday afternoon. 

Forest School

On the Thursday, you will get to know your team better on a full-day of outdoor activity led by Forest School professionals with a focus on team building, problem solving, being creative and having fun.  This will take place at Newhailes Estate near the University.

Industry Insights Workshops

On Tuesday afternoon, you will take part in three workshops organised and delivered by local businesses and industry professionals.  These short workshops will introduce you to a wide variety of careers and roles available, and the skills required, in the different industries. 

The employers presenting the workshops also have some work experience opportunities for you to get involved in after the Summer Activity Week if you want to make good use of your summer holidays!

Lightning Skills Workshops

On Wednesday morning you will have the choice of various workshops to attend, and everyone will get to attend four from those on offer.  These are intended to help you prepare for your next steps, whether that’s school, college, university or employment.

Employer sessions and placement opportunities

ADP Architecture

ADP is an employee-owned architect practice, founded more than 50 years ago. They have bases across the UK, Cyprus and India and work to create spaces that are inspired by people.

In an architect company like ADP, there are many different job opportunities: there are architects and interior designers, but there are also marketing assistants and various support roles.

In the workshop during the Summer School, ADP will use the University campus to explore the job of an architect and the various other roles connected to this. 

Following the Summer School, there will be an opportunity for you to apply for a week placement with ADP to give you the opportunity to find out more in the actual setting.


BaxterStorey is an independent hospitality food service provider operating in the UK, Ireland and Europe, specialising in restaurants, cafes, deli bars and executive dining rooms for clients and customers in business and industry.

BaxterStorey run the catering facilities at QMU, and this involves a number of people in different roles, from managers to chefs, kitchen porters to baristas.

In the workshop during the Summer School, BaxterStorey will take you on a tour of the kitchens in the University canteen and in the Students Union. They will show you all the different roles required to make a busy catering company work efficiently. 

Following the Summer School, there will be an opportunity for you to apply for summer work with BaxterStorey at QMU. BaxterStorey is a living wage employer, so you would be given the chance to earn a good income while having an opportunity to find out more about working in hospitality.

Leuchie House

Leuchie House is a national respite charity which provides transformational holidays for people living with neurological conditions such as MS, MND, stroke & Parkinson's, and helps carers and families have a break from caring responsibilities themselves.

In the workshop during the Summer School, staff from Leuchie House will provide activities to allow you to explore the various roles involved in keeping a care home working. They will look at roles as diverse as office staff and maintenance workers as well as the key roles of carers.

Following the Summer School, there will be an opportunity for you to apply for a Summer work-experience placement with Leuchie House to give you the opportunity to find out more in the actual setting.

John Paul Construction

As one of Irelands leading construction companies, John Paul Construction have over 70 years’ experience across all sectors of the construction industry. They are passionate about their work, and have a hands-on collaborative approach to delivering value and excellence in their contracts. They work on building projects across the UK and Ireland. 

John Paul Construction are the contractors working on cresting the new slip road from QMU on to the A1. They have a site office on QMU's campus where various members of their team are based, from office workers, to engineers, to builders.

In the workshop during the Summer School, staff from John Paul Construction will take you on a tour of their site and offices. They will show you all the different roles involved in a major construction company.

Following the Summer School, there will be an opportunity for you to apply for summer placement with John Paul Construction at QMU. If you are keen and enthusiastic, there will be the opportunity for paid summer work on site as well, providing an opportunity to find out more about working in construction, while earning some money.

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