VAPAR: Verbal Autopsy with Participatory Action Research: Expanding the knowledge base through partnerships for action on health equity

(01 April 2017 - present)

Country: South Africa

VAPAR is a multi-partner research project in South Africa that aims to address exclusion from access to health systems by connecting service users and providers to generate and act on research evidence of practical, local relevance.

By collecting data at the local level through research methods called Verbal Autopsy and Participatory Action Research, this project will gather evidence on the health needs of those excluded from access to health and information systems.

This evidence will be used to inform all levels of the health system, including health service planners, managers, policy makers and providers, and to feed into a cycle of community and system-led actions to address health inequities.

QMU's role in this project

Professor Sophie Witter is co-Principal Investigator in this project, focussing on linking the project into health systems processes, to ensure effectiveness and sustainability. Sophie is also guiding the evaluative component of the project.

For more information on the full aspects of this project, see the main VAPAR website

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