Scotland and EU

From September 2017 new postgraduate student funding was introduced which comprising a maximum combined tuition fee and living cost support loan of £10,000 for Scottish domiciled students. Eligible students will be taking their first master's or postgraduate diploma course. Part-time students can access only the tuition fee loan. Eligible courses would receive the following –

  • One year taught postgraduate diploma and master’s courses a tuition fee loan of £5,500 and living cost loan of £4,500.
  • Two year part-time postgraduate diploma and master’s courses a tuition fee loan of £2,750 per year.
  • Two year full-time master’s courses a tuition fee loan of £2,750 per year and a living cost loan of £2,250 per year.
  • Three year part-time master’s courses a tuition fee loan of £1,833 in years one & two with £1,834 in year 3.

Students from the EU will be able to access the tuition fee loan.

For further information including personal eligibility please consult the SAAS website.


English domiciled students can access a loan for their first master's course to be studied anywhere in the UK. This can cover one and two year taught postgraduate courses.

For further information consult the Student Finance England website -


The Welsh government expects to introduce new postgraduate loans in 2018 however in 2017 there is an interim system. For further information please consult the SFW website -

Northern Ireland

A new tuition fee loan is being introduced in 2017 for eligible courses across the UK. For further information please consult the SFNI website -

International Students

Find out more about scholarships for new international students.


A Professional and Career Development Loan is a bank loan. You make an agreement with a participating bank to borrow an amount between £300 and £10,000. The UK government pays the interest on your loan while you're learning and for one month after you've finished your course. After this, you’ll pay interest at the rate fixed when you took out the loan.

The loan can be used to pay course fees or other costs such as travel and living expenses. You can also use the loan to supplement other forms of support such as grants or bursaries.

Further information on CDLs can be found at


Queen Margaret University is offering a 10% discount in postgraduate tuition fees for alumni who have graduated with an undergraduate degree from the University’s Edinburgh campus. This discount is available for students who register for a full or part-time postgraduate degree.

This discount applies to home, EU and overseas students, and applies to the self-funding element of the postgraduate tuition fee only. This discount does not apply to any part of the tuition fee which is covered by a scholarship, funding body, your employer, a company, or any another source of funding.


The University offers a Finance Advice service which exists to provide information and guidance for all students regarding the funding available to them.

If you require further advice on funding then please contact Bill Stronach, Student Funding Adviser, Student Services on: or phone 0131 474 0000 and ask for ‘Bill Stronach’ or ‘Student Services’.

Funding Enquiries

The University offers a Funding Advice Service for all students.

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Funding Enquiries

Bill Stronach Student Funding Adviser
0131 474 0000