QMU marks 30 years of global health leadership by sharing expertise at anniversary events

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As conflict and environmental catastrophes escalate in different parts of the globe, there has never been a more important time for global health specialists to work together to share their expertise, create solutions, identify ways to support and unite communities, and build resilience. 

This month, Queen Margaret University marks the 30th anniversary of its Institute for Global Health and Development (IGHD) – a multidisciplinary centre celebrated for its postgraduate education and world-leading research on global health and development. Over the last three decades, QMU’s global health experts have borne witness to numerous crises, conflicts and exceptional events in low- and middle-income countries. Their expertise has supported governments, international aid agencies, NGOs and global institutions, such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), to create solutions to tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems. Their work has ranged from improving women’s sexual and reproductive health in sub-Saharan Africa; building resilience in health systems in low and fragile settings such as Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Cambodia; assessing the impact of conflict on young Syrian refugees; creating safe spaces for children in areas of conflict; and the psychosocial wellbeing, protection and integration of migrant, refugee and other vulnerable populations here in Scotland. 

Marking this important moment in Queen Margaret University’s history allows the institution to celebrate the global impact of IGHD, whilst also showcasing its impressive capabilities so it can continue to grow its sphere of influence and work collaboratively in its pursuit of a better and fairer world for all.  

Professor Daniel Reidpath, Director of QMU’s Institute for Global Health and Development, explained:

"The Institute for Global Health and Development has been unwavering in its commitment to develop and share knowledge that provides support and value to those working to improve health and wellbeing for all, particularly for those enduring war, natural disaster, disease and environmental catastrophe. By marking this important milestone, we can recognise our growth and achievements over the last thirty years. It is also an opportunity to strengthen and extend our collaboration with governments and international agencies so our knowledge and capabilities can support global health and development for those being left or pushed further behind."
Professor Daniel Reidpath, Director of QMU’s Institute for Global Health and Development

Sir Paul Grice, Principal of Queen Margaret University, said:

"With the escalation of tragic events in the Middle East, it may seem an unusual time to celebrate a significant anniversary. However, such immense tragedy shines a light on the relevance of the expertise that has developed over the 30 years since the Institute for Global Health and Development was established at QMU. Now, more than ever, international leaders need to draw on our knowledge to help ease suffering and build capacity to deal with conflict and tragedy linked to world events."
"On our 30th anniversary, we want to stand together with colleagues across the globe, and create space for dialogue and exchange, and provide solutions where they are most urgently needed."
Sir Paul Grice, Principal of Queen Margaret University

Two key events will mark the 30th anniversary of QMU’s Institute for Global Health and Development: The IGHD Anniversary Conference on 16th November, will bring together IGHD researchers, partners, and the wider academic community, at the QMU campus, to discuss some of the key ideas, innovations and changes that have been developed using IGHD research over the past three decades. 

The IGHD Anniversary Panel Discussion, taking place at the Royal Society of Edinburgh on 17th November, will bring together guests from across academia, policy, and humanitarian and developments specialisms to interrogate what it means to ‘go global’.  

Book for both events now:  

IGHD Anniversary Conference, 16th November at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh (in-person, on-campus event (spaces limited), no space limitation for guests who wish to join online. Book at: IGHD 30th Anniversary on-campus event

IGHD Anniversary Panel Discussion: 17th November at the Royal Society of Edinburgh (in-person event) Book at: IGHD 30th Anniversary event 'Where is the global?' at RSE

NB – spaces limited and available on a first come first served basis 

Speakers at panel discussion: 

  • Professor Pascale Allotey, Director of Sexual Reproductive Health, World Health Organisation.    
  • Dr Modi Mwatsama, Head of Capacity and Field Development, Wellcome Trust 
  • Sabir Zazai, Chief Executive, Scottish Refugee Council  
  • Frances Guy, Chief Executive Officer, Scotland's International Development Alliance  
  • Prof Barbara McPake, former Director of the Nossal Institute for Global Health  
  • Chair: Professor Daniel Reidpath, IGHD, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh 

Find out more about Queen Margaret University's Institute for Global Health and Development at IGHD.


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