Graduate Apprenticeship Webinar for employers

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QMU Webinar – graduate apprenticeships for employers: Find out how a graduate apprenticeship could boost your business.

How can businesses attract, develop and retain great staff?  

In this competitive job market, it can be really challenging for businesses to attract and hold on to good staff. The allure of higher pay and attractive packages can cause a brain drain within a business as talented people jump ship to seek out new opportunities elsewhere. 

Not only can this result in a financial hit for the business - with the inevitable investment in recruitment and training required to replace lost personnel - it can increase workloads and create stress for existing staff members who end up plugging the gaps and having to train new people.  

So, what’s the answer?  

Work, learn and earn! 

"Graduate apprenticeships can offer staff an attractive package which makes them want to invest their time, energy and future in the business. Essentially, the programme allows them to work, learn and earn all at the same time. They can upskill, develop academically and gain an honours degree without the burden of expenses often associated with a mainstream university education journey. As the course continues, they acquire more skills and knowledge that they can apply to the business, thereby becoming a stronger asset to the organisation. The focus on work-based learning means that students on the course can work on live projects within their organisation – bringing fresh ideas and new solutions to develop and improve the business. The increased level of challenge and satisfaction experienced by the employee can often remove the desire for them to look outside of the business for career enhancement. Indeed, graduate apprenticeships can provide winning solutions for both employee and employer, and also strengthen the bond and commitment between the two."
Professor David Stevenson, Dean of the School of Arts, Social Sciences and Management at Queen Margaret University

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh offers a four-year BA (Hons) Business Management (Graduate Apprenticeship) which can be studied as a blend of face-to-face and work-based learning. Take the opportunity to find out more about this excellent programme and what it can do for your business and staff by joining the QMU Graduate Apprenticeship Webinar for Employers on Tuesday 20th June, from 12.15pm to 1:00pm. (The session will run on Teams.)  

The event will include a short presentation by Mike Pretious, Programme Leader of QMU’s Graduate Apprenticeship initiative, which details the benefits to employers, as well as the ease of the process involved for business partners. There will also be presentations from Jennifer Bingham, Lecturer in Management at QMU, and Stuart Burnside, a final year student on BA (Hons) Business Management (Graduate Apprenticeship) course. An open forum will follow, with opportunities for employers to ask questions about the degree content, course structure, and the commitment requirements of the employer and employee. 

With spiralling costs and the recruitment challenge reinforcing the need to work smarter, don’t miss this opportunity to find out how Queen Margaret University’s Graduate Apprenticeship BA (Hons) Business Management could be a game changer for your business. Sign up for the webinar. 

Read about QMU’s BA (Hons) Business Management (Graduate Apprenticeship) at: QMU Graduate Apprenticeships. 

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