Thank Goodness It's Thursday extends over exam time and into 2023

By press office

We have been delighted to receive such positive feedback from students about our Thank Goodness It’s Thursday (TGIThursday) events in our 1875 food court on campus. The initiative, which provides free meals, as well as social activities, is part of QMU’s wider work in building a strong community and supporting students through the cost-of-living crisis. We know from talking to students that they truly appreciate the free hot meals, meal packs, as well as the opportunity to socialise and have fun in a warm and supportive environment. We are also aware that our wonderful staff volunteers, who have contributed to the running of the event, have welcomed the opportunity to show their support of students, and to socialise with our student community out with the classroom.

TGIThursday was initially arranged as a six-week pilot, but with the exams approaching this month, we have decided to run another TGIT on Thursday 8 December. We want to ensure that students are supported during the exam period and have the means to perform at their best. We hope that the opportunity of a free hot and tasty meal and some take-home food packs will go some way to lightening the load and reducing stress during this busy and important time in the academic year. So, our last TGIThursday of 2022 will take place, at the earlier time of 4pm – 6pm, on Thursday 8 December.    

Knowing the demand from students, we now plan to run more TGIThursday events throughout the next academic term, with our first TGIT of 2023 scheduled for Thursday 26 January 

We look forward to meeting students at our final TGIThursday event for 2022, next week on Thursday 8 December. We wish you all the best in your exams and assignments in the coming week. 

Further information about support for students during the cost of living crisis can be found on the QMU website at: Cost of Living support.