Information about examinations, examination timetables, regulations and assessments.

Examination Timetable

Exam Timetable

Please note that the timetable is subject to change so please check it regularly.

Students Whose First Language Is Not English

Eligible students are automatically registered for the extra time and/or use of dictionary in examinations. This eligibility is derived from nationality - any students in doubt regarding their eligibility should contact Examinations.

A student whose first language is not English will normally be permitted to use a language-only, translation dictionary in examinations. Electronic dictionaries are not permitted.

Except where a programme is specifically exempt (currently speech and language and physiotherapy students), those in Levels 1 and 2 whose first language is not English will be eligible for 25% extra-time in examinations.

Suggest we include a link to sitting examinations outwith QMU

Sitting a Reassessment Examination Overseas

It may be possible to sit a reassessment examination overseas. Please see section 8 of the Examination Regulations.

Coursework Submissions

Assignment Submission Sheet 

You can click on the link to access the Assignment Submission sheet which you will need to attach to any assignments you hand in.

How to Submit to a dropbox

Above is a link to a guide for students on how to submit your assignments. Once redirected to the correct page it is available under the sub-heading Assignments.

How to use Plagiarism & Referencing

Above is a link to a guide for students on how to use the Plagiarism & Referencing Tool. Before submitting your assignments you should submit your work through the Plagiarism & Referencing Tool. Once redirected to the correct page it is available under the sub-heading Plagiarism & Referencing.

Accessing Results

Students access their results on the QMU Portal.

Support and Guidance For Disabled Students

Examinations will ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place as detailed in a student’s Individual Learning Plan. If you are a student with a disability (or if you think you may have a disability), please take a look at the Disability section.


Students who are required to undertake reassessments must pay the appropriate fee. The fee to register for a re-assessment is £40 per module (up to a maximum of £120) payable in advance.

Students who are undertaking assessments as a first diet due to extenuating circumstances are not liable to pay the reassessment fee.

Reassessment fees

Examinations and Assessment

For enquiries relating to examinations or assessment.

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Examinations and Assessment

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