Congratulations on your offer of a place to study at QMU.

If you are coming to QMU having completed a college course we hope you will find this page useful.  Keep checking back as we will be updating it regularly with copies of our Coming from College newsletter, and as we progress through the online induction, we will upload recordings of the various academic skills or student support services presentations and accompanying seminars in the tabs below.  Plus, we’ll add other useful links about things you need to know as a student at QMU for you to refer to at your leisure.

We hope you find it a useful resource and look forward to seeing you at QMU soon!

Newsletter #1

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Induction Schedule

Your bespoke programme of events commences on Monday 20th July and runs until the start of term on Monday 14th September.  

Each week, there will be 3 one-hour sessions:

  • Monday’s session – delivered by key academic and support staff, these will focus on the academic skills you will need to succeed at university
  • Wednesday’s session – will replicate a university seminar (sometimes known as a tutorial), but will be run by our trained student facilitators.  They will follow up on the theme or topic introduced in Monday’s session, in a fun informal way, sharing their best hints and tips with you, and telling you how they not only succeed in their studies, but how they have managed the move to a more socially distanced style of learning recently.
  • Friday’s session – an informal drop in and chat session with a variety of students, and the Student Union.  Come and ask them what you want to know about all the other aspects of life as a student at QMU.  There’s more to uni than just studying!

In the fortnightly newsletter, you will be sent precise times for the live sessions and a link to join the session via the university online learning platform, Collaborate.

Following the live sessions, you will be able to view them again via links on this page.  These will be uploaded shortly after the sessions finish.

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Induction Week 1: Meet the Programme Leader Sessions

Please click on your course below to listen to the Programme Talks which where held in week 1:

Induction Week 1: Meet your Academic Teams

BA(Hons) Business Management

BA(Hons) Event Management

BA(Hons) PR & Media/ BA(Hons) PR, Marketing and Events

BA(Hons) Media & Communications

BA(Hons) PR & Marketing Communications

BA(Hons) Drama

BA(Hons) Education Studies/ BA(Hons) Education Studies (Primary)

BSc(Hons) Psychology

BSc(Hons) Psychology & Sociology

BSc(Hons) Public Sociology

BSc(Hons) Physical Activity, Health & Wellbeing



In order to respect confidentiality, the Taking Care of Me: Mental Health and Wellbeing for students session was not recorded

Induction Week 4: Referencing and Citation Skills – what you need to know

Monday lecture with Lisa: Referencing and Citation Skills – what you need to know

Please see new slide, attached here, and a note from Lisa:  “I am afraid that I have noticed a mistake on one of my slides. On the slide which comes up at 48 minutes and 26 seconds, which shows a reference list as it would correspond to the in-text citations, some of the dates of publication in the reference list are wrong. Please see the extra attached slide for the correct version. It is important that dates for sources are consistent, and you do not make the mistake that I have made here in your assignments!”

Wednesday PALS Seminar: Referencing and Citation Skills – what you need to know

Induction Week 7: The School Office – how we support your success at QMU

Monday lecture with Susan and Morag from the School Office

Following a question in the session from students who have elected to undertake Semester 1 online regarding how they will be able to interact with the on campus facilitated contact sessions (FCS), a decision has not been taken to record sessions as standard, as in some cases recording a session would not work. However, facilitated contact sessions will be streamed using Collaborate, so a student off campus can join the live on campus session that way.

Induction Week 8: IT at QMU

Induction Week 8: IT at QMU

There was no live session this Monday.  Please refer to your newsletter for the links to the do-it-yourself online IT inductions.

Wednesday PALS Seminar: IT systems you will use at QMU

Formative Essay

Formative Essay

We mentioned earlier on in the Coming from College induction that you would be given a chance to submit a formative essay in advance of starting your Degree studies. This formative essay is voluntary, but it is designed to give you practice and experience which should help you to do well in your future assignments at the University. The formative essay will give you experience of:

  • working towards a series of academic outcomes
  • dealing with an assignment brief
  • delimiting the scope of a topic
  • planning an essay
  • searching for suitable sources using a wide range of search media
  • writing and submitting a (short) essay.

On submission, your essay will be read by an academic member of staff and you will receive feedback on how to build on your essay writing skills. This is a unique opportunity to try out essay writing at university before the grade counts!

Please read the assignment brief and marking criteria carefully and follow the submission instructions to make sure your essay gets to the right people and can be marked and returned in a timely fashion.