Statement About The Use of Your Personal Data - QMU Graduation

Graduands, guests and staff should be aware that Graduation ceremonies are regarded as public events and therefore there is no expectation of privacy under data protection legislation for any attendees. This statement explains how personal data will be processed for and during the event, and provides guidance should you not wish your personal data to be processed in this way. This applies to all students who are intending to graduate or may be eligible for an award, including those who graduate in absentia. Please note the following important information and ensure your invited guests are also aware of the information relevant to them:

- Your name and award will appear in the Graduation programme and the lists published in The Scotsman and The Herald newspapers. If you do not want your name included in the newspapers you must tell us by emailing no later than Friday 19th June 2020.

- If you graduate in person your name and award title will be read out at the ceremony immediately prior to you walking across the stage.

- Crowd shots may be taken by the University photographers at the venue and at our graduation receptions and these may include images of you and your guests.

- Your consent will be sought for smaller group or individual photographs prior to these being taken. If you do not wish to be photographed, you should tell the photographer before the photo is taken.

- Live film feed may be used to project the ceremonies on to a back screen on stage and this
may be streamed externally.

- Videos of the ceremonies may be produced and screened at relevant post-graduation receptions and, at a later date, will be made available for viewing from the University’s website.

- Television companies may be present to interview our honorary graduands and other VIPs or film the event generally. If you do not wish to appear on television, you should maintain your distance from any filming that may take place.

- Appropriate photographs and films of these events may be used to promote the activities of Queen Margaret University and these may appear in any of our promotional materials, in printed or electronic format, including worldwide web sites, multimedia productions, course leaflets or prospectuses. Please note that websites can be seen worldwide.

- Visual images will be used and retained strictly in accordance with the UK Data Protection Legislation and the University’s records retention schedules.

If you have any queries or concerns about the use of your personal data for/at our Graduation ceremonies or if you do not wish your data to be used as described above, please email by Friday 19th June 2020.

Please see the full privacy notice below:

Privacy Notice

Data Controller: Data Controller

Purposes for collection/processing

The University processes personal data for the purposes of arranging graduation events, conferring awards on graduands and documenting the event for the purposes of celebrating graduands achievements and for the future promotion of the University.

Legal basis

Article 6(1) of the General Data Protection Regulation refers: Art 6(1)(e), performance of a task in the public interest/exercise of official duty vested in the Controller, is the basis for processing personal data for the purposes of graduation ceremonies as provided for by Statutory Instrument 1993 No. 557 (S.76) as amended. Art 6(1)(f), legitimate interests, is the basis for processing personal data for the purposes of photography and filming where this is for future promotion of the University. Please see the photography statement provided for further information. It is in the legitimate interests of the controller to use images of successful graduates and ceremonies for future promotion of the University. To balance the individual’s interests, rights and freedoms the University provides a fact sheet of all photography and filming activities to individuals prior to the event which details how they can avoid inclusion in the photography and filming and exercise their rights in the event that they are included. It is in the interests of both the University and individual graduands involved to document these auspicious occasions which are important life events to be celebrated.

Whose information is being collected

Students, University employees and all other ceremony attendees, including those invited by students/graduands.

What information is collected

Name, identifying numbers, contact details, educational details, photographs and moving images.

Who is the information being collected from

Students’ personal data used to arrange the event is collected from information provided directly by them and information created by the University during the course of students’ studies. Images and personal data collected by cameras is collected during the course of the event. 

How is the information being collected

University systems for the event organisation and images by camera on the day of the event.

Who is personal data shared with externally

Publicly – the publication of names in graduation programmes, photographs online and in any of the University’s promotional materials, in printed or electronic format.

How secure is the information

Information/photographs are kept securely on University processing equipment in line with the University’s information security and data protection policies.

Who keeps the information updated

Students are required to keep their information up to date during the course of their studies to ensure that the personal data used at the time of graduation ceremonies is accurate, as this will be recorded at this point as a record of the event.

How long is the information kept for

In accordance with the University Records Retention Schedule

Will the data be used for any automated decision making


Is information transferred outside the EEA?


More information on subject rights and data protection.