Records Management

Good records management practices should assist authorities to meet their duties under the Act. If records are easy to locate then requests can be dealt with quickly. Records management is covered by a Code of Practice. The Code provides guidance on records management policies, records management training and the keeping, management and destruction of records, both paper based and electronic. QMU has a records management policy to adopt best practice in this area.

Records Retention Schedule

QMU also has a records retention schedule that sets out the periods for which QMU's business records should be retained to meet its operational needs and to comply with legal and other requirements. The schedule is split into broad headings, giving a description of the records, their retention periods and any citations relating to Acts of Parliament, Statutory Instruments or regulations:

  • Course Administration
  • Student Administration and Support
  • Research and Commercialisation
  • External Relations
  • Corporate Management
  • Resource Management

FOI Requests and Data Protection

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FOI Requests and Data Protection

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