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Room hire fees: prices valid up to 31 July 2019.



Rooms Capacity Full Day Hire (8 hours) Half Day Hire (4 hours)
30 seat room 30 £195 £130
60 seat room 60 £225 £150
Lecture Theatre 2156 150 £300 £210
Halle Lecture Theatre 3148 250 £480 £336
Lecture Theatre 3168 or 3169 150 £300 £210
3168 & 3169 joined 150 £350 £245
Small Boardroom 15 £150 £105
Large Boardroom 25 £250 £175
Joint Boardrooms 60 £350 £245
Conference Suite 60 £350 £245
Physio Labs 2163 / 2165 / 2120 (Inc. use of 10 plinths) 30 £250 £175
Art Therapy rooms 3155 / 3156 30 £250 £175
General purpose lab (3157 kitchen) 30 £239 £120
Computer Lab 30 On application On application
Performance Studio 12/24 £25 per hour -
Theatre 1044 (with full technical support) 67 £68 per hour -
Theatre 1044 (just the space) 67 £43 per hour -
Rehearsal studio 51 60 £28 per hour -
Piano Bar 60 On application On application
1875 (Refectory area) - when no catering is booked 330 £1,000 £1,000
1875 as exhibitor space (6+ exhibitors)  -  £450 £375 

* These rates include use of the AV in the room

* We will offer a 20% discount on room hire for public sector or charity events

* If room hire is for more than 3 days, we will offer 25% discount

* Please note that room hire fees do not attract VAT

We can also offer Daily Delegate Rates. Please contact the Conferences & Events Team for an estimate.

Price lists for:


Catering is provided by our external provider Baxsterstorey. They can provide the catering packages detailed in the brochure and are also able to consider bespoke packages on request. Please note that there may be an increased catering price for events that take place after 4pm during the week and at weekends.

Equipment, AV and display needs

Conference poster service

Alternatively, for an estimate, please contact the Conference & Events Team

Terms & Conditions for Conferences and Events

QMU Conferences and Events Terms & Conditions:

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1. Definitions

1.1 Definitions

The following words and expressions shall bear the following meanings:

“Agreement” means the terms of agreement between the Parties in respect of the Booking, constituted by the Booking Form and these General Terms and any other written agreement between the Parties in respect of the Booking;

“Booking” means a booking by the Client of the Facilities;

“Booking Form” means the Queen Margaret University Hire of Facilities for Events &
Conferences Booking Form;

“Campus” means the property, buildings, land and campus belonging to, leased by or licensed to Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh;

“Client” means the individual or organisation which is making, or has made, a Booking in respect of the Facilities;

“Conference” means any conference to be staged, hosted or facilitated by the Client within the Facilities, and in respect of which the Booking has been made;

“Contractor” means any contractor, service provider, entertainment provider or third party, employed by the Client, in relation to an Event or Conference in respect of which the Booking is made;

“Event” means any event to be staged, hosted or facilitated by the Client within the Facilities, and in respect of which the Booking has been made;

“Facilities” means the rooms, halls, lecture theatres, presentation equipment, catering and all other bookable facilities, booked by the Client, and provided by Queen Margaret University to the Client under the Booking;

“Force Majeure Event” means an event or circumstance beyond the control of Queen Margaret University including, but not limited to, acts of God, volcano eruption, fire, explosion, adverse weather conditions, flood, earthquake, terrorism, riot, civil commotion, war, hostilities, strikes, work stoppages, industrial disputes, catastrophic accidents, riots, civil disturbances, acts of government, lack of energy supply, significant delays by suppliers and significant materials shortages;

“General Terms” means the Queen Margaret University Conferencing & Events General Terms & Conditions;

“Guest” means any guest, delegate, student, or employee of the Client, in relation to the Booking;

“Queen Margaret University” means Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, a company incorporated in Scotland under the Companies Acts (registered number SC007335)(registered charity number SC002750) and having its registered office at Queen Margaret University Drive, Musselburgh, East Lothian, EH21 6UU; and

“Parties” means Queen Margaret University and the Client.

“Provisional Booking” means a Booking by the Client of the Facilities, which has not in all respects been confirmed by both the Client and Queen Margaret University in accordance with the Agreement; and

“Total Fee” means the total fee payable by the Client to Queen Margaret University in consideration of the Booking.

2. Provisional Booking

2.1 Queen Margaret University will hold a Provisional Booking made by a Client for 4 weeks or until such time as the Client either releases the date or confirms the Booking. The 4 week time period shall run from the date of the invoice for the non-refundable deposit of the Total Fee. This 4 week period shall run regardless of any public or other holidays therein. In the event that another Client wishes to make a confirmed Booking for a provisionally booked date, or upon request from Queen Margaret University at any other time, the Client with the Provisional Booking will be asked to either intimate release of the date or confirm the Booking in writing within 48 hours, and pay the relevant deposit in accordance with these General Terms, failing which the provisionally booked date will be deemed to have been released.

3. Booking Confirmation and Deposits

3.1 In order to confirm a Booking the Client must within 4 weeks of the Provisional Booking:

3.1.1 provide written confirmation of the Booking to Queen Margaret University by letter, fax or email and

3.2.2. sign the Booking Form which indicates acceptance of these General Terms and

3.3.3 pay a 25% non-refundable deposit of the Total Fee.

3.2 No Booking will be considered to be confirmed until the relevant deposit has been received by Queen Margaret University. Should the items listed at 3.1 above not be received within the said 4 week period, QMU will cancel the Provisional Booking forthwith.

3.3 The Total Fee of the Booking will generally be invoiced one (1) month before the Conference or Event.

4. Cancellation by the Client

4.1 Cancellation by the Client of the Booking may be notified by telephone in the first instance but must be confirmed in writing by letter, fax or email. Queen Margaret University will confirm receipt of the Client’s written cancellation notice, in writing. The Client shall not treat the Booking as cancelled until such written acknowledgement has been received from Queen Margaret University.

4.2 In the event of cancellation by a Client after written confirmation of the Booking has been received by Queen Margaret University, the client shall be liable to pay Queen Margaret University a cancellation fee as follows, (the deposit paid by the Client shall be applied by Queen Margaret University and set off against the relevant cancellation fee):

4.2.1 In respect of cancellation more than 30 days in advance of the Conference or Event, 25% of the Total Fee for the Booking;

4.2.2 In respect of cancellation 15 to 29 days in advance of the Conference or Event, 50% of the Total Fee for the Booking; or

4.2.3 In respect of cancellation 14 days or less in advance of the Conference or Event, 100% of the Total Fee for the Booking.

4.3 Where the Client has requested Queen Margaret University to procure on its behalf, from a third party provider, entertainment, audio visual equipment, furniture or any other facility or service, all relevant charges including cancellation charges shall be met by the Client.

4.4 Where the Client wishes an alteration or extension to the Facilities booked, this must be agreed in writing by Queen Margaret University, and any such extension or alteration may incur additional charges.

5. Cancellation by Queen Margaret University

5.1 Queen Margaret University reserves the right to cancel the Booking with immediate effect and without liability, if the Event or Conference is materially different from that advised to Queen Margaret University and is likely to have an adverse effect on Queen Margaret University or its reputation, or where the Event or Conference may be illegal or is likely to promote illegal acts. In the event of cancellation under these circumstances:

5.1.1 any deposit paid by the Client shall be retained by Queen Margaret University and, for the avoidance of doubt, Queen Margaret University may apply the relevant cancellation fees in accordance with paragraphs 4.2.1 to 4.2.3 of these General Terms.

5.2 Queen Margaret University has the right to terminate the Booking, or any part thereof, at any time, in any of the following circumstances:

5.2.1 The Client, Guests or Contractors behave unacceptably;

and in such circumstances: Queen Margaret University has the right to ensure the removal from the Facilities of the individuals behaving unacceptably; and may retain the proportion of monies paid in respect of the Booking relative to those individuals;

5.2.2 The Client, Guests or Contractors materially or repeatedly breach the terms of the Agreement;

and in such circumstances: Queen Margaret University may retain such proportion of monies relative to the Facilities already provided to the Client, Guests and Contractors, plus such proportion of monies as is required to rectify any such breaches of the Agreement;

5.2.3 The Client becomes insolvent, or Queen Margaret University has reasonable grounds for believing that the Client is likely to become insolvent;

5.2.4 A severe weather warning is issued that will affect Queen Margaret University’s ability to open and public transport being stopped;

5.2.5 The Facilities are closed or damaged for reasons beyond the control of Queen Margaret University, to the extent that such closure or damage prevents Queen Margaret University from fulfilling its obligations in respect of the Booking; or

5.2.6 Queen Margaret University is directed to cancel the Booking, Conference or Event, by any government, local authority, Police or Fire Brigade.

6. Final Numbers of Guests

6.1 Final numbers of Guests to be catered for and any dietary requirements must be provided to Queen Margaret University at least five (5) working days in advance of the Conference or Event.

6.2 The Client shall pay for catering in respect of the greater of:

6.2.1 the notified number of Guests to be catered for, as most recently intimated within the timescale permitted by paragraph 6.1 of these General Terms, and;

6.2.2 the number of Guests actually catered for.

7. Third Parties and Conference & Event Rules

7.1 Events and Third Parties

7.1.1 The Client shall not bring, nor shall permit Guests or Contractors to bring, external food or beverage into academic buildings, without the prior written consent of Queen Margaret University.

7.1.2 The Client shall not sell, nor shall permit the sale by Guests or Contractors of, goods or services within the Campus, without the prior written consent of Queen Margaret University and any relevant authorities.

7.1.3 Subject to paragraph 5.2 of these General Terms and to provision by the Client of sufficient notice of the exact requirements and the client paying in advance the costs of application, Queen Margaret University will apply for any additional consents, permits and the like required for staging an Event or Conference.

7.1.4 The Client shall comply with, and shall procure that all Guests and Contractors also comply with, all licences, consents and the like in respect of Events and Conferences, in addition to the terms of the Agreement.

7.1.5 The Client shall provide a list of all Contractors to Queen Margaret University, on request.

7.1.6 Contractors, and visitors to the Client or to Guests, who are not themselves subject to the Booking, shall not be permitted to enter the Campus without the prior consent of Queen Margaret University, and Queen Margaret University reserves the right to refuse entry to any such Contractor or visitor.

7.1.7 The Client shall not use, nor shall permit Guests or Contractors to use, fireworks, pyrotechnics, smoke machines, lasers, dry ice, Chinese lanterns or the like, without the prior written consent of Queen Margaret University.

7.1.8 The Client shall not affix, nor shall permit Guests or Contractors to affix, items to walls, ceilings, floors or furniture, without the prior written consent of Queen Margaret University.

7.1.9 Any use by the Client, or any third party employed by or hired by the Client in respect of the Booking, of technical equipment, electrical installations and staging, not belonging to Queen Margaret University, is subject to both prior approval by Queen Margaret University and an appropriate risk assessment for such use being undertaken by or procured by the Client.

7.1.10 The Client shall be responsible for any Guests and/or Contractors on the Campus who the Client has appointed in respect of the Event.  The Client shall ensure that any Contractors are employed on substantially similar terms as to the terms of this Agreement and shall maintain insurance cover to the same levels as the Client.  The Client hereby acknowledges that, should the Contractor cause damage whatsoever to the Campus, Queen Margaret University shall be entitled to recover for such damage and any costs related thereto (including incidental costs) directly from the Client.  Further Queen Margaret University shall  bear no liability in respect of any damage, theft, loss of reputation, or for any losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, costs or expenses or other liability incurred by the Contractor.

7.1.11 A full copy of the QM University's Regulations, Policies and Procedures are available on the website.

8. Additional Charges

8.1 The use by the Client, Guests and Contractors of the Campus’ telephone, photocopying, fax and other services, shall incur additional charges (details of which may be obtained from Queen Margaret University on request) and will be invoiced to the Client at the end of the Conference or Event.

8.2 In respect of any property, buildings, equipment, fixtures or fittings, forming part of the Campus, the Client is liable for the cost of all breakages and any loss or damage arising from the Conference or Event, excepting that which is caused by Queen Margaret University or its employees, students or contractors.

8.3 Smoking is not allowed in any of the Queen Margaret University buildings. Guests must only smoke in the designated smoking areas, outwith the buildings.

9. Menus

9.1 Queen Margaret University will use reasonable endeavours to provide the menu of the Client’s choice pursuant to the agreed catering arrangements. If for any reason, such as seasonal change, unavailability of produce, or otherwise, this proves to be impractical, Queen Margaret University will contact the Client as soon as is practicable to discuss a substitute menu. Providing that the substitute menu is reasonable in the circumstances, the Client shall not be entitled by that reason alone to cancel the Booking or any part thereof or withhold any monies due in respect of the Booking.

10. Intellectual Property

10.1 The Client shall not, and shall ensure that its Guests and Contractors do not, use the name, logo or details of Queen Margaret University for any promotional purpose, including for marketing or the production of promotional materials, without the prior written consent of Queen Margaret University.

11. Force Majeure

11.1 If Queen Margaret University is prevented or materially hindered from fulfilling its obligations under the Agreement by virtue of a Force Majeure Event, it may in its sole discretion provide alternative Facilities to the Client or terminate the Agreement by providing notice to either effect to the Client, but for the avoidance of doubt nothing shall excuse the Client from any payment obligations under the Agreement in respect of payments made or to be made for Facilities which have been or will be provided to the Client in accordance with the Agreement.

12. Liability and Insurance

12.1 Queen Margaret University shall bear no liability in respect of any damage, theft, loss of reputation, or for any losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, costs or expenses or other liability incurred by the Client by virtue of this Booking or use of the Facilities.

12.2 The Client shall have all relevant insurances in place prior to use of the Facilities and shall exhibit
evidence of such insurance to Queen Margaret University on request. Such insurance shall
include 3 rd Party and public liability insurance to a minimum of £5 million.

12.3 Except to the extent required by law, Queen Margaret University will have no liability for any loss
or injury (including death) whatsoever caused or suffered by the Client, Guests or Contractors in
connection with this booking.

13. VAT

13.1 Queen Margaret University reserves the right to charge any VAT that may be or may become applicable on the Total Fee. Queen Margaret University have the option to assign its obligations in relation to clause (3.3) to QMU Enterprises Ltd (Co No 135573) of Queen Margaret University Drive, Edinburgh, EH21 6UU without further intimation to the client.

14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

14.1 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

14.1.1 This Agreement shall be considered to be an agreement made in Scotland and shall be subject to the laws of Scotland.

14.1.2 The Parties agree that the Scottish courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and settle any action, suit, proceedings or dispute in connection with this Agreement and the Parties irrevocably submit to this jurisdiction.

Information on the QMU Conference and Events Team Service Standards.

  1. We aim to respond to initial event enquiries within 1 full working day of receipt.

  2. We aim to respond to event communication within 5 working days of receipt.

  3. All communication will be polite and helpful.

  4. We aim to answer telephone calls within 4 rings.

  5. We aim to respond to telephone voice messages within 1 full working day of receipt.

  6. Site visits will be conducted in a professional manner.

  7. Competitive estimates will be provided for each event & discounts will be given where applicable.

  8. A booking form and T&Cs will be provided to ensure that the client understands our payment procedure.

  9. Deposits will be invoiced at a rate of 25% of the total (net) estimated amount.

  10. Events spaces will be clean and well maintained.

  11. Clients will be given access to QMU desktop and Wi-Fi.

  12. Client requirements for extra equipment will be accommodated wherever possible.

  13. Problems with AV resources will be actioned promptly.

  14. Complex IT requirements will be discussed prior to the event.

  15. We aim to resolve any IT problems encountered during the event as a matter of priority.

  16. Any special dietary requirements advised to the C&E team in advance will be met where possible.

  17. Rooms will be set up according to requirements agreed with the client.

  18. Delegates will be made to feel welcome on campus.

  19. If required, event/conference delegates will be provided with a parking permit.

  20. Delegates will be provided with clear housekeeping procedures.

  21. Printing and photocopying will be charged at the most competitive rate available.

  22. Campus directions & maps provided will be concise and up to date.

  23. All information displayed on welcome screens will be clear and accurate.

  24. C&E staff and helpers will be polite, helpful and friendly.

  25. On arrival delegates will be directed or taken to the conference room.

  26. Campus signage will be clear and professional.

  27. Client invoices will be raised where possible within 14 working days of the event finishing.

  28. The client will be informed within 10 working days of receipt of any remedial action to be taken as a result of any negative feedback received from them.

Conferences and Events Enquiries

If you have an Event/Conference enquiry, one of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

We aim to respond to all enquiries within one full working day of receipt.

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