Prices and Booking

QMU room hire fees: prices valid up to 31 July 2024.

Rooms Capacity Full Day Hire
(8 hours)
Half Day (4 hours)
30 seat room 30 £225 £155
60 seat room 60 £260 £170
Lecture Theatre 2156 150 £365 £250
Halle Lecture Theatre 3148 250 £550 £385
Lecture Theatre 3168 or 3169 150 £365 £250
3168 & 3169 joined 150 £400 £285
Conference Suite (includes Conference Room, Piano Bar & Pond Room) 60 (plus breakout) £450 £300
Conference Room 60 £385 £275
The Pond Room 10 £160 £130
Piano Bar 60 POA POA
Specialised Spaces to Hire      
Physio Labs 2163 / 2165 / 2120 (Inc. use of 10 plinths) 30 £285 £205
Computer Lab 30 £260 £170
Performance Studios 2 & 3 - £155 £105
Rehearsal studios 1, 4 & 51 - £175 £125
Theatre 1044 (just the space - additional costs for staffing if
using the technical equipment) 
- £230 £150
1875 (Refectory area) - when no catering is booked 330 £1,750 £1,750
1875 as exhibitor space (6+ exhibitors) - £500 £425

Please note:

* These rates include use of the AV in the room (where applicable) and are valid Monday-Friday, 8.30am - 4.30pm.  Out of hours events are quoted individually.

* We will offer a 20% discount on room hire for public sector or charity events.

* If room hire is for more than 3 days, we will offer 25% discount (if public sector or charity, we will offer 30% in total).

* Please note that room hire fees do not attract VAT.

* Per day is for 8 hours.

Catering Packages & Prices

We are delighted to partner with BaxterStorey to deliver all our catering.

Your Event Planner will work with you to help identify the right catering package for you.  We can of course also create bespoke packages so please do speak to your Event Planner.

Additional Services and Equipment

Alternatively, for an estimate, please: Contact the Conference and Events Team

Terms & Conditions for Conferences and Events

Information on the QMU Conference and Events Team Service Standards.

  1. We aim to respond to initial event enquiries within 1 full working day of receipt.

  2. We aim to respond to event communication within 5 working days of receipt.

  3. All communication will be polite and helpful.

  4. We aim to answer telephone calls within 4 rings.

  5. We aim to respond to telephone voice messages within 1 full working day of receipt.

  6. Site visits will be conducted in a professional manner.

  7. Competitive estimates will be provided for each event & discounts will be given where applicable.

  8. A booking form and T&Cs will be provided to ensure that the client understands our payment procedure.

  9. Deposits will be invoiced at a rate of 25% of the total (net) estimated amount.

  10. Events spaces will be clean and well maintained.

  11. Clients will be given access to QMU desktop and Wi-Fi.

  12. Client requirements for extra equipment will be accommodated wherever possible.

  13. Problems with AV resources will be actioned promptly.

  14. Complex IT requirements will be discussed prior to the event.

  15. We aim to resolve any IT problems encountered during the event as a matter of priority.

  16. Any special dietary requirements advised to the C&E team in advance will be met where possible.

  17. Rooms will be set up according to requirements agreed with the client.

  18. Delegates will be made to feel welcome on campus.

  19. If required, event/conference delegates will be provided with a parking permit.

  20. Delegates will be provided with clear housekeeping procedures.

  21. Printing and photocopying will be charged at the most competitive rate available.

  22. Campus directions & maps provided will be concise and up to date.

  23. All information displayed on welcome screens will be clear and accurate.

  24. C&E staff and helpers will be polite, helpful and friendly.

  25. On arrival delegates will be directed or taken to the conference room.

  26. Campus signage will be clear and professional.

  27. Client invoices will be raised where possible within 14 working days of the event finishing.

  28. The client will be informed within 10 working days of receipt of any remedial action to be taken as a result of any negative feedback received from them.

Conferences and Events Enquiries

If you have an Event/Conference enquiry, one of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

We aim to respond to all enquiries within one full working day of receipt.

Show Contacts

Conferences and Events Enquiries

Conferences and Events Team 0131 474 0000