The links between migration and starting up a small business are well established – starting a business is one of the options that many new arrivals in a country can access.

Food based businesses are also very popular amongst new arrivals, in part because new comers to an area often bring foods, recipes and ideas with them that translate well into the new environment and appeal to consumers. Queen Margaret University works in Nepal, where our hospitality and business programmes are delivered, and this has given staff a unique chance to study some of the micro-businesses established in the food markets of Kathmandu. The participants in this research include people who have moved to Kathmandu from other parts of Nepal and Europeans for whom the move to Nepal was in part a lifestyle choice. All bring with them a wealth of food ideas that contribute to life in Kathmandu and indeed recipes are sometimes adapted to suit local tastes and culture. The research is on-going and at a relatively early stage but the team from Queen Margaret University have been invited to present their research at the Nepal Academy of Management Conference in 2017 and journal publication in Europe is progressing in parallel.

Courses which may be of interest:

MBA Family and Smaller Enterprises

MSc International Management and Leadership with Family and Smaller Enterprises

Claire Seaman

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