Student Financial Support Fund

Being a student should be an exciting life-changing experience – not worrying about how you are going to pay your bills.

But, sadly due to the cost of living crisis, more and more QMU students are experiencing financial difficulties through no fault of their own. 

Huge increases in energy, food, fuel and rent has put even more pressure on our students’ finances, with many worried about the impact it will have on their studies. This is forcing many students to sacrifice study time for paid work, negatively impacting their studies and career goals. 

The Student Financial Support Fund is designed to help our students when their household budgets are stretched and they need a little extra financial support.  

Your donation, no matter how big or small, will make a huge difference by helping us be there for our students when they need support most. By easing their financial worries, it will allow our students to focus on their studies and achieve their full potential.

Make a donation to the Student Financial Support Fund