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We are extremely grateful to all of our generous donors whose support ensures we continue to make progress in our core goals of providing social justice, outstanding research and teaching, and an excellent student experience.  

A huge amount is achieved thanks to the generosity of our supporters with the effects being felt far beyond our campus.

Here are some of the opportunities you can make a difference to the lives of our students by donating to QMU.

Student Financial Support Fund

The cost of living crisis has turned the lives of many of our students upside down, with more facing financial difficulties for the first time and others being pushed into hardship. 

Our Student Financial Support Fund provides our students with a little extra financial support to help them when they need it most. 

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Vice-Chancellor's & Student Development Fund

We truly believe that studying at QMU is not just about getting an education, but it is about developing potential in a much wider sense. Often, it is the co-curricular and extracurricular activities that help our students develop essential life skills and shape their future careers. 

We are committed to supporting our students, helping them make the most of the opportunities available to them and ensuring that they have the best possible experience as a QMU student.

The Vice-Chancellor's & Student Development Fund makes sure that all of our students have the opportunity to be involved in projects and initiatives that reflect their enthusiasm and creativity. These projects and initiatives can be based in the UK or overseas, giving our students the opportunity to experience different countries and cultures. 

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Case Study

Third year film and media student Roxana Capris received support from the Vice-Chancellor's & Student Development Fund in 2022 to produce a short documentary about her grandmother’s young life in communist Romania. 

Roxana explains,

"I have always been fascinated by my grandmother’s stories. And, thanks to the generous support I received I was able to make this documentary possible."

As a filmmaker, Roxana was pleased to use this experience as an opportunity to enhance her skills, and was delighted when her documentary was selected for the New Visions Short Film Competition at the 2022 Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Check out Roxana's article in our latest edition of QMYOU, were she shares more details of her documentary.  


Case Study

Fourth year physiotherapy student Ellen Clark, competed at last year’s RS200 National Championships at Hayling Island Sailing Club thanks to the support she received from the Vice-Chancellor's & Student Development Fund. 

Ellen says,

"I’m so grateful to QMU for recognising and supporting something that’s an important part of my life out with the classroom."

Not only has Ellen's passion for sailing helped with her own health and wellbeing throughout her time at university, it’s strengthened her understanding of the connection between physical therapy and mental health.

Ellen gives an insight into her experience of sailing and her time at the competition in our latest edition of QMYOU. 


Martlet Club

The Martlet Club exists to acknowledge supporters of QMU who make a donation of £120 or more each year or a monthly donation of £10 upwards.

The name is taken from the martlet emblem on the QMU coat of arms. This emblem, which is associated with learning, represents Queen or Saint Margaret, after whom the University is named. As the University campus is a haven for wildlife, including swans, ducks, herons and moorhens, the name of the club also reflects the University’s commitment to sustainability and to enriching the community.

Gifts to the Martlet Club provide students and staff with the best opportunities in teaching and research which makes a real practical impact and transforms people’s lives. Funds will be put towards a number of projects, for example allowing students to complete CV-enhancing projects or supporting initiatives focused on using QMU’s expertise to the community’s advantage.

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