Wooden Spoon Frame Running Equipment Hub

Thanks to a £20,000 gift from the Wooden Spoon charity, Scotland's first-ever frame running hub opened in 2023.

The hub’s mission is to help transform the lives of young people with limited mobility by providing access to frame running equipment so they can engage in physical activity and foster independence through sport.

Frame running allows people who are unable to run, and have limited or no ability to walk independently, to engage in a sport where their bodies are supported with purpose-built three-wheeled frames. Like a trike without pedals, it enables the users to feel the joy of free movement using their foot power and steering with the hands or arms.   

Based at Scotstoun Stadium, the Wooden Spoon Frame Running Equipment Hub is a collaboration between QMU, Neil's Wheel Charity, Frame Running Scotland and ACE Frame Running, along with Scottish Athletics and Scottish Disability Sport.

The hub acts as a centre, storing full frames and associated equipment such as saddles, chest plates and handles, available for start-up clubs to hire and allow current clubs to exchange frame sizes and equipment like a ‘swap shop’. Since the hub's launch last August, two new frame running clubs have been set-up with another two planned for later this year.      

Frame running ensures a more inclusive and accessible future for young people living with limited mobility and provides a sustainable future for the sport.  

The hub is another element of the University’s commitment to support the growth of frame running. Current research into the impact of frame running on individuals with enduring conditions like cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis is ongoing and follows on from our research into frame running classification - a requirement for the sports inclusion in future Paralympic Games. 

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