Study and Work Abroad Opportunities

Our graduates often say that gaining an international experience by studying or working abroad was the best part of their degree.

It is an experience unlike any other – the opportunity to travel and immerse themselves in new countries and cultures, build new skills, make new friendships and networks, and enhance their career prospects.

We are therefore very grateful to the Charles & Lisa Simonyi Foundation, Moffat Trust and Santander Universities whose support helps our students, irrespective of their financial background, have equal access to participating in international semester exchanges or other study and work opportunities. 

Lisa Persdotter Simonyi Scholarships Fund

Thanks to a remarkable gift by QMU graduate, Lisa Persdotter Simonyi, this Fund provides scholarships to help students, who have the ability and desire but not the financial means, to travel overseas and partake in a semester exchange programme.

So far, seven students have received £5,000 scholarships to turn their study abroad dreams into a reality. 

BA Hons Psychology student, Aine Levis shares the impact of studying abroad has had on her,

"Thanks to the Lisa Persdotter Simonyi Fund, I had the privilege of completing a semester abroad at Brock University in Canada. Attending this prestigious university and studying at the respected psychology department would not have been possible without the crucial financial support of the scholarship. The experience has left a lasting impression on my aspirations for a future career as a psychologist - a dream I have held since childhood."
Aine Levis

Moffat Trust Scholarships Fund

A £50,000 gift from the Moffat Trust ensures that students of the BA Hons degree course in hospitality, tourism and events, can take part in an overseas summer placement or paid internship, something that they may not have considered possible due to their financial or personal circumstances.

More than 20 students have received awards of up to £1,500 to help with their travel costs.  


Santander Universities Mobility Fund

Through QMU’s strategic partnership with Santander Universities, students can apply for financial support to help with the costs of undertaking semester exchanges or other learning and development opportunities such as attending or presenting at international conferences. 

Over 30 students have been awarded mobility funding to help them gain an international experience during their studies. 

BA Hons Theatre & Film student, Michael Selkirk reveals how the the mobility funding he received has enriched his student experience,   

"Receiving Santander Mobility Funding relieved some of the financial pressures of studying abroad at Eastern Connecticut State University, USA. It helped tremendously with flights and accommodation. By having the financial support, it allowed me to focus on my studies and make the most of the opportunities available. It was an incredible experience that will stay with me for a long time."
Michael Selkirk