Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

Through exceptional donations from alumni and friends, donor-funded scholarships, bursaries and awards help remove some of the financial barriers that may prevent students from coming to study at QMU. 

These grants also ensure students have the additional support they might need to help them continue with their studies through to graduation.

This support has a transformational impact on our students lives, enabling them to realise their full potential and achieve their career goals.  

Santander Universities Bursaries and Scholarships

Since 2007, Santander has provided financial support to over 70 students to help them gain fair access to higher education and continue with their studies after a change in their circumstances.  

Santander currently supports eight students from under-represented backgrounds with £5,000 bursaries.    

Baillie Gifford Bursaries

Thanks to a generous annual gift of £12,000 from Baillie Gifford, up to five students from disadvantaged backgrounds are supported with bursaries to help them overcome some of the financial difficulties of being a student.

Since, the bursaries were established in 2020, seven students have benefitted from Baillie Gifford’s support.

BSc Paramedic Science student, Ruth Duggan, tells us about the impact of the Baillie Gifford's Bursary on her student journey, 

"Baillie Gifford’s support relieved some of the financial pressures I faced when I was out on placements. It helped cover the rise in fuel and travel costs, ensuring I could afford to go on placements."
Ruth Duggan

Lord Forte Foundation Scholarships

Tremendous support from the Lord Forte Foundation provides scholarships to penultimate and final year students studying a degree programme in events, hospitality and tourism management.

Each year, six students are awarded £2,500 scholarships to help them with their day-to-day living costs. By alleviating some of their financial pressures, it encourages them to focus on their studies and achieve their academic and career goals.   

Now in its fifth year of support from the Lord Forte Foundation, a total of £75,000 has been granted to 30 students.    

QMU graduate, Paolina Kaneva explains how the scholarship helped her during her final year, 

"The scholarship had a huge impact on my life, helping me to focus on my studies and not stress about paying my bills. It also made it possible for me to look for a more suitable part-time job, something related to my studies to make myself career-ready and therefore more attractive to future employers."
Paolina Kaneva


Cunningham Trust PhD Studentships

An extraordinary gift of £150,000 from the Cunningham Trust has made two PhD studentships possible, helping enrich the university's research environment.  

The award provides funding for two 3-year PhD doctoral research projects, whose outcomes have the potential to improve clinical healthcare practices, and the nation's wellbeing and quality of life. 

Both proposals are in research areas that QMU specialises.  

One studentship is focused on exploring the impact of frame running on individuals with enduring conditions like cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis.

The second studentship is investigating the use of ultrasound evaluation to assess swallowing function for people with neurological disorders stemming from stroke, Parkinson's disease or motor neuron disease (MND).   

Match-funded Robertson Trust Scholarships

At present, we have nine Robertson Trust scholars studying at QMU. These students are enrolled on the Robertson Trust's 'Journey to Success' programme which helps young people from under-represented backgrounds overcome the financial and social difficulties to gain a university education and achieve the career the aspire to.   

Each scholar receives an annual bursary of up to £4,250 from the Robertson Trust, and we are incredibly grateful to our donors who currently match this funding for eight students, therefore doubling the impact the financial support has on our students lives.   

This year, over £65,000 from QMU donors has been awarded to Robertson Trust scholars. 

Thank Goodness It's Thursday (TGIT) student support

Thanks to increased generosity of Baillie Gifford, thousands of students have been helped to tackle spiralling food costs during the cost-of-living crisis.

Run by staff volunteers, ‘Thank Goodness It’s Thursday’ offers free two-course hot meals to students every Thursday night in our food court on campus. Baillie Gifford's £12,000 gift was used to support some of TGIT's costs. 

What began as a six-week pilot in 2022, is ongoing, and helps ease some of the financial worries our students are facing.  

Not only does TGIT help our students’ reduce their food costs, it provides a warm, friendly and supportive environment, and has helped reduce isolation and loneliness amongst our student community.