Impact of Philanthropic Support

The generous gifts from alumni and friends transform the lives of our students, staff and local communities, and the impact is far greater than their financial value. 

Thanks to donor support, we awarded over £530,000 during 2022/2023, which supported everything from scholarships to research projects, internships to outreach activities. 

Here's how philanthropic donations made a difference during 2022/2023

  • 120 students received over £160,000 in direct support
  • 2 fully-funded PhD studentships
  • 4.5 staff posts funded
  • Scotland’s first frame running equipment hub launched
  • Over 300 local school pupils supported  

Below are a few examples of the pioneering projects and opportunities made possible thanks to philanthropic support, which is crucial in helping us achieve our goal of shaping a better world through education, research and innovation.


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