Academic collaboration - selecting a partner

Selecting a Collaborative Partner

4.1   In considering possible collaborative partnerships, Queen Margaret University will have particular regard to the national and local context within which the partner institution operates, as well as its own policy on collaborative partnerships.

4.2  Collaborative arrangements should expand on teaching and learning opportunities, without prejudice to the standard of the award, the academic standards of the University and the quality of the learning experience available to students.

4.3  In selecting a partner institution, Queen Margaret University will therefore seek evidence in the partner institution of appropriate:

  • Organisational, management and quality assurance arrangements;
  • Staff qualifications and experience;
  • Regulations and procedures governing the student experience, including academic support and guidance and provision for meeting students’ wider educational needs;
  • Provision of learning support and infrastructure at a level and quality to meet the requirements for programmes leading to an award of Queen Margaret University;
  • Ethical standards for research and other collaborations);
  • Provision for staff appointment, induction and development.

4.4     With respect to the overseas partners, particular care will be taken to understand fully:

  • The local law relating to higher education, including in relation to the licensing of overseas higher education operators;
  • The local law, and applicable laws within the UK, in respect of contracts and their enforceability;
  • The local higher education system and the place of the partner institution within it;
  • The legal and financial position of private institutions (where applicable);
  • Requirements in respect of national and international recognition of awards and professional qualifications (i.e. whether or not an award of Queen Margaret University will be recognised in the students’ home country).

It is the responsibility of the University to inform any professional statutory or regulatory body (PSRB) that has approved a programme which is the subject of a possible or actual collaborative agreement of its proposals.

4.5     In addition to paragraph 4.4 above, for overseas partners, the University may seek the advice of the British Council and/or local or UK Government offices based in the country concerned.

4.6     In selecting a partner institution, Queen Margaret University will seek evidence from reliable sources as to the institution’s financial security and probity.

4.7     QMU will not enter into serial collaborations that allow partner institutions to franchise University programmes or modules to third parties. This is to minimise the risk associated with sub-contracting and ensure the University can guarantee the standards and quality of programmes and Short Programmes delivered in its name.

4.8     Unless the circumstances are wholly exceptional, a visit to the intended partner will take place before Queen Margaret University enters into any formal collaborative agreement with the intending partner.


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