Withdrawal & Deferral

How to Withdraw

If you decide to leave, you will need to complete a withdrawal form. This is used to formally record
your withdrawal and update your student record. The date of withdrawal is recorded as the date the
form is submitted. This can be important if you receive any funding for your programme or pay any

You can complete the form electronically and return it to thinkingofleaving@qmu.ac.uk. Remember
to save a copy of the form on your computer first before filling it in.

A member of staff of the Registry will then update your student record. The Programme Leader, the
School Office and any other relevant departments are notified.

Take a Break from Study (Deferral)

Students can submit a request to defer their studies. This means leaving the programme and returning at a later date, normally the start of the next academic year. Deferrals must be approved by the Programme Leader and are normally granted for a maximum period of 12 months.

If you decide to apply for a deferral you should read the Student Deferral Procedure and discuss your request with your Programme Leader. Once you have done this, you should complete the Deferral Request Form. Remember to save a copy of the form on your computer first before filling it in.

If you have any questions about the withdrawal or deferral process you can also contact the Thinking of Leaving team.

Current Students Information

For more information on matriculation, examinations, graduation, tuition fees or smartcards contact: Registry.

For more information on submissions, absences, extenuating circumstances, placement administration or module selection contact: the School Office.

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Current Students Information

Registry For registry enquiries. 0131 474 0000
School Office For school office enquiries. 0131 474 0000