A fresh new approach to teaching, grounded in the social sciences, designed for people who want to make a real difference in the world. 

Teacher education courses will commence at QMU in September 2019. We will be a new provider of primary teacher education courses in Edinburgh and the surrounding area from 2019 onwards. We will also provide a postgraduate degree in home economics.

As stated in our mission, QMU ‘strives to create a community without borders, helping to improve people’s lives locally, nationally and internationally. We are ambitious and enterprising, and, in everything we do, we are committed to social justice.’ We will draw on our existing expertise to deliver courses with a focus on wellbeing, resilience, child welfare and inequality, which will feature highly in our new courses. To provide a vibrant and stimulating teacher education experience with this focus, we will build on our work with a range of community organisations, as well as forging new collaborations with schools, parents, local government and children’s services.

There are two undergraduate course options:

BA (Hons) Education Studies (Primary)*

The above course will give you a professional qualification to teach in primary schools.

BA (Hons) Education Studies

The above course is a broad-based social sciences degree with an emphasis on education.

PGDE Secondary (Home Economics)*

Graduates from our postgraduate degree in home economics will be qualified to fill vital posts in secondary schools and positively influence young people’s knowledge and skills relating to food, nutrition and health.

Our new teacher education portfolio will sit within the Division of Psychology, Sociology and Education at QMU and will share the reputable approach taken by our psychology and sociology courses in being intellectually rigorous and student-centred, with a focus on wellbeing, social engagement and diversity at their core. Our new courses will not just provide you with a qualification in teaching, you will also be able to specialise in an area from our existing courses, become a researcher-practitioner by engaging in research from the outset, and gain valuable professional experience. Our new courses are designed to meet the challenges as well as recognise the rewards of teaching children in the 21st century. They will prepare students by actively engaging them in contemporary issues in psychology and sociology, and helping them develop a sound knowledge-base of children’s developmental pathways and the range of factors that affect them, studying, for example, the impact of poverty and deprivation in early years. Students will also learn about global health and learning inequality, the impact of adversities such as homelessness, neglect and migration and the importance of creativity and the natural environment for our wellbeing.

Our teacher education courses are designed for people who want to make a difference in the world.

Our courses will:

• appeal to people with a social conscience who want to engage with socio-political issues and make a difference;

• provide placements in a range of settings, both traditional and specialised;

• offer a rounded education — they will prepare you to be an autonomous, critically thinking reflective professional;

• engage you in an exciting variety of learning and assessment methods and

• provide a fresh, new approach to teacher education.

At the time of posting, the full details of these new courses are yet to be finalised. When available, full course information will be accessible from the course search section of our website.


* Subject accreditation by the GTCS

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