Mary Musselman, 24, from Langton, Ontario, Canada, graduated with an MSc Audiology (Pre-Registration) from QMU in 2017.

Before arriving at QMU, Mary completed a BSc (Hons) Biology, with a minor in Chemistry and Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada. At the start of this degree, Mary was not sure what she wanted to do after she finished.

She began to explore various careers and eventually stumbled into audiology unintentionally. After volunteering in an audiology clinic, something clicked and it felt right for her.

Why did you choose to study MSc Audiology (Pre-Registration) at QMU?

“In Canada there are only three rather small Master’s degree courses in audiology, so it’s not uncommon for Canadians to go abroad for their postgraduate studies.

“What initially drew me to the course at QMU was the extensive amount of practical experience students gained over three placement blocks. I also liked that the placements were integrated within the NHS.”

What did you like most about living and studying in Edinburgh/Scotland?

“Edinburgh is by far the most beautiful city I have ever lived in. A unique aspect of the city is its amazing diversity, for its small size. The city is small enough that I can walk most places and will often bump into friends.

“The city attracts a large international population, giving it a lovely multicultural community often associated with larger cities. Edinburgh is also a very green city - ‘The Meadows’ is probably one of my favourite local havens.”

How did you find the workload on the course?

“After I started the course, I found the workload to be manageable. The assignments were challenging in the level of critical thinking required, yet they were not impossibly hard.

“My science background also proved an extremely useful foundation. Methods of evaluation through essays, presentations or practical examinations were also refreshing and varied, rather than relying solely on a written exam.

“As one would expect with a postgraduate degree, the teaching and classes covered what needed, but what you got out of the course depended on the time and effort you put into your own independent study.

“It was a great relief to discover that the course was not overly difficult due to differences in education styles or expectations between countries.”

How do you think the course has equipped you with the knowledge and experience to pursue your chosen career?

“The course has given me both the specialised theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to successfully progress onto my clinical placements, and then into the ‘real’ work world. “Much of the learning depended greatly on my own self-study. How much dedication you give to this tends to show later on as you progress through the course and when you are out working in hospitals.”

What is your top tip for future MSc Audiology (Pre-Registration) students?

“My recommendation to any prospective students, particularly international students, is not to be discouraged by potential differences you may notice on the course, such as differences in vocabulary, methods of evaluation or the educational backgrounds of others. My experience taught me that as long as you are committed to your personal studies, you should be just fine.”

What have you been doing since graduating from QMU?

“Initially, my plan was to complete the degree and work in the UK for the minimum time needed before going back to register as an audiologist and work in Canada.

“However, after living in Edinburgh, making close friends, working in audiology departments on placement, my outlook began to develop. My time frame for living and working in Edinburgh is getting longer and longer.

“Right now, I honestly don’t have a set plan and I’m keeping an open mind. What I do know is that I love living and working in the UK, and that for now I want to stay and continue to do so.”


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Published 2017-2018