Hello everyone! My name is Martina Cingolani, I am a final year Business Management (Fast Track) student and Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (PALS) leader.

The first time I heard of PALS was for the Business Law sessions held during the first semester of my first year. However, as I was getting adjusted to a whole new country and educational system, I did not find the time to attend the sessions.

After I came back from spending the first semester of my second year on Erasmus in Holland, a friend of mine asked me to join her in leading Finance and Accounting PALS sessions for first year students. As I had never attended a PALS session, I immediately flooded her with questions. She solved most of my doubts but what I found most helpful was the training session I had with Lisa Cruden (QMU's Peer Assisted Learning Coordinator), who with passion and dedication explained in detail what is expected form PALS leaders. After that session, I immediately felt like the role of PALS leader perfectly suited my personality and capacities. Consequently, I jumped into leading my first session which was definitely nerve-wracking but totally worth it!

As I am now concluding my last semester of University, when I look back at my experience as a PALS leader, I am incredibly proud of making this decision and getting out of my comfort zone. Each session helped incredibly talented QMU students to gain a deeper understanding of challenging modules but also helped me to consolidate my learning. Being able to proactively revise topics from previous years helps maintain concepts fresh in my mind and helps me use content from previous modules in modules I’m currently attending.

Becoming a PALS leader is a great opportunity for students willing to dedicate some time during the semesters to guide other students in finding the best way to tackle modules and course work based on their previous experience. Do not hesitate to get in contact with Lisa to ask for more information if you think that would be something great to add to your personal academic experience (and CV).


Published 2020