I am Mareike and I am a second year Events Management student at QMU. I have been a Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (PALS) leader for a semester and a bit.

I attended PALS sessions in my first year and while I did not go to all of them, I enjoyed the sessions I was at and realised that there is concentrated support on modules that are challenging. This gave me a lot of security and, in retrospect, I should have taken advantage of that security blanket more often to be really sure in my abilities.

I became a PALS leader because I enjoy helping other students and explaining concepts as this is the way I know that I understood thing and it also helps me remember these things. The modules that PALS cover, are the general Business Modules, knowledge that is good to have. But I still have the choice if I want to do a PALS session on a module and do not have to help with modules that I do not know or did not like. I like the voluntary aspect of it because it transfers the information from something that I need to learn for an assessment into something that I do in my free time to help other students. This way I have a better chance to actually store the information into my long-term memory.

I believe that is one of the biggest aspects why you should become a PALS leader. Because in the end, it is really great that you can help others while remembering and broadening your knowledge and presentation skills!


Published 2020