I am Luisa and I'm currently in my third year of Business Management. This is my second year of being a Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (PALS) leader and I normally run sessions for Economics or Finance and Accounting. Before my studies at QMU I studied teaching which is why I was always keen to help others who need a bit of guidance or support.


Published 2020

As PALS is not a taught session and more about helping each other and working together, I gained a lot of new friends. Additionally, running and preparing PALS sessions helps me to refresh topics I’ve learned previously and helps me to memorise key outcomes which are necessary to know for my whole Bachelor’s degree.

I was not only a PALS leader but also attended sessions as a student participant which helped me to meet new people and to learn how to study in groups. It also took away the pressure of “the unknown”. This was due to leaders who had done the module before. They know what lecturers are expecting and they know what is most important for a specific module. I definitely recommend to everyone going to PALS sessions, not only to those who need a bit of guidance but also to those who want to refresh their knowledge, meet new people, and learn how to engage with other students. I would also recommend to everyone to be a PALS leader because what fulfils me the most is the thankful smile after a successful session.