Konstantina studied for her Queen Margaret University degree at one of our partner institutions, Metropolitan College in Athens, Greece.

Why were you attracted to this course?
I like marketing because I'm also a photographer. My job is as a photographer. I photograph products and weddings and things like that, so I think marketing is something where I can combine my skills

Why appealed to you about studying at QMU?
After speaking with a lot of colleges, I decided the QMU Marketing Management degree was the best because it had the fullest programme and the most modules. It also had really interesting courses. I liked it from the first time I spoke with director.

Was it important for you to study with a UK university?
I really want to work around Europe, so I wanted a degree from a foreign university because I think it opens more doors in Europe.

Did you feel connected to QMU during your time as a student?
As a Student Ambassador, I spoke with many students at QMU, which made my connection even better. And I also spent a lot of time on the website and at the library whenever I needed information, so I felt a part of the university.

Did you feel like there was enough of a balance between practice and theory?
We did a lot of exercises that were practical – we had to create our own products and campaigns – which helped me become a better photographer, I became a better entrepreneur too I think, and a better businesswoman.

So you were studying very hard and running your own business, did you have any time for anything else? We think it's important for students to have some fun as well and be able to relax.
After studying Marketing, I have found a better way of working. I do more planning. Everything is more professional. And if you have a schedule, you have the time. I wake up early in the morning and I stay up late at night, so I had time to learn Russian.

And did you feel like you could get the help you needed from the QMU staff if you needed support?
My teacher and programme leader was always by my side every time I needed her. Her office was always open. When I wanted something - whether it was for college or any other problem I had - her door was always open. We talked a lot. I think the teachers see if someone has a problem and will do what needs to be done.

What did you like best about QMU?
For me it was a great experience. I like the class. I like the way that the lessons were delivered, that we have videos and photos. I was a student at Greek university before - I studied Statistics - but the lessons were quite boring. Here there was a lot more interactions.

What's happening next?
I'm looking at doing a masters in England. Something like digital marketing or business, something like that.