About you

"I am a final year Events Management student from Cupar in Fife."

Why did you choose to study Events Management and why QMU?

"I was inspired to be an events manager by a family friend who is a talent booker and I wanted to do all the cool and interesting things he got to do."

Have your benefited from any scholarships or awards at QMU?

"The highlight of my time at QMU for me was being awarded the Apex Hotels Dr Norman Springford Scholarship and getting the chance to do an internship with Apex Hotels, where I’ve learnt a number of new practical skills, including more in-depth knowledge about the hotel industry, presentation skills, research and consultancy, as well a practical application of computer programmes.

"I went through an interview process where eventually three students, including myself, were chosen for a £1,000 scholarship and an internship where we would learn about all the different departments in a hotel. During this time we were to complete and present a research project based on an issue within the organisation. Out of the three of us I was chosen to win a second £3,000 scholarship based on my research, presentation and performance throughout the internship.

"I’ve been able to put into practice a range of theoretical practices and knowledge I learnt at QMU and transfer them to a real life situation. The scholarship will also be used to further my events management education."

Apex Hotels has partnered with QMU to set up the Dr Norman Springford Scholarship, which is named after the hotel group’s founder. The Dr Norman Springford Scholarship aims to create a new generation of hospitality leaders who can transform Scotland’s hospitality industry so that it is a key player on the world stage. The Dr Norman Springford Scholarship gives students the opportunity to get paid work experience with Apex Hotels, including hands-on experience across all areas of the business. They also conduct a research project which aims to find solutions to internal organisational problems.

Erin has now received a total of £4,000 in scholarship funds from the Apex Hotels and the Dr Norman Springford Scholarship fund to help support her postgraduate studies at QMU. There may also be opportunities for Erin to embark on a management apprenticeship with Apex Hotels after she graduates.

Why did you choose to study in Edinburgh/Scotland?

"I love the city of Edinburgh and have a lot of family here that I was both close enough to and far enough away from for me to be independent and still get support when I needed it.

"I always like to look round me when I’m walking over North Bridge and take stock of the incredible city where I live and study. I also love embracing the Festival Fringe and soaking up the atmosphere of it."

What are your top tips for future students?

<p">"Go for it! There are so many transferable skills in this course and it stretches you to try totally new things, like law and economics, which you’ll end up really enjoying.

"Join a society or sports club at QMU. Don’t be afraid to talk to new people and try new things, and just enjoy it!"

What are your plans after graduation?

"I’m hoping to maintain a positive relationship with Apex Hotels and become a part of their team."


"Go for it! There are so many transferable skills in this course and stretches you to try totally new things, like law and economics, which you'll end up really enjoying."
Erin Gilroy

[story published in 2017]

*Note: The BA (Hons) Event Management no longer runs. We are offering a course in 2022/23: BA (Hons) Events and Festival Management