Ashmita graduated with a Bachelor's in Business Administration (BBA) from Queen Margaret University (QMU), delivered through our Nepal-based partner institution

Student name: Ashmita Nath

Course: Bachelor's in Business Administration (BBA)

Hometown: Kanchanpur

Year of graduation: 2021

Why did you choose to study at one of QMU's collaborative partner institutions, and what attracted you to the course?

It is an international degree and one that's focused on intellectual study. The foreign language credit course was the main factor that attracted me to the course.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

I enjoyed the group presentation tasks.

Were there any particular course activities you found especially interesting?

I found research paper writing interesting.

"The most valuable lesson I learned was to believe in yourself and let your hard work do the talking."
Ashmita Nath, Bachelor's in Business Administration

Do you have any advice for students who might be interested in this course?

This course is recommended if you want to experience the self-study culture.

What's your' top tip' for making the most of being a student, and what was the most valuable lesson that you learned?

I would say self-study, learn new things, and research each topic. The most valuable lesson I learned was to believe in yourself and let your hard work do the talking.

Can you tell us about your life post-graduation?

Since completing my degree, I have been working as an Associate Data Analyst at "Deba Jyoti Group". I am involved in the company's Business Automation and Analytics (BAA).

[Published August 2022]

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