Alexia Mitchell, 24, is from Montreal, Quebec, in Canada. She’s currently studying MSc Occupational Therapy (Pre-Registration) at QMU, having already achieved a BA (Hons) Health Studies from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario in Canada.

Alexia is of Scottish descent on her father’s side of the family. Scottish culture has always been an important aspect of her family life. After visiting Scotland for the first time in 2013, Alexia thought that the people, culture and environment were very welcoming and pleasant.

Alexia thinks there are a lot of similarities between Scotland and Canada, which played a big part in her decision to come to Edinburgh and QMU. She knew that there are a lot of other Canadian students at QMU, so Alexia sometimes feels like she never left home!

Why did you choose to study at QMU?

“QMU was at the top of my list because of the great reputation for its masters in occupational therapy, its close proximity to the centre of Edinburgh and because of the high percentage of international students who study here.”

“Attending QMU has not only allowed me to live in a different country, but also to meet people from around the world.”

Why did you choose to study Occupational therapy at QMU?

“QMU offers the master’s level programme in occupational therapy that I was looking for. This is the career path that I’ve decided to pursue.”

“The small class size, design of the programme, and opportunities for practical experience really appealed to me. There are 16 students on my programme, which allows my classmates and I to engage with our lecturers on a regular basis, ask questions, have effective class discussions, and learn from one another.”

How do you think your QMU degree is equipping you with the skills and knowledge to help you pursue your chosen career in occupational therapy?

“Importantly for me, the majority of the programme’s content is similar to what is taught in Canada. Although there are differences, I view this as a positive. I believe that gaining experience and insight on occupational therapy practices from elsewhere in the world will give me a different perspective on occupational therapy.”

“I believe that my training at QMU will set me apart from other candidates when applying for occupational therapy jobs when I move back to Canada.”

“The lecturers on the programme at QMU are quite aware of the international composition of our class and attentive to those who plan to practice outside of the UK. Often our instructors will inform us of courses and qualifications we will require to practice in Canada, which is very helpful.”

What do you like best about living in Edinburgh/Scotland?

“Edinburgh is a beautiful city, with a rich history, and vibrant culture. Its proximity to other cities and fantastic transit system has allowed me to see other cities in Scotland, including Glasgow and St Andrew’s, as well as the Highlands. There is a wide variety of restaurants, museums, galleries, and historical sites in Edinburgh – something for everyone.

“It seems that there is always some festival or celebration taking place in the city, which provides a welcome diversion to my studies.

“I personally enjoy walking up Arthur’s Seat, as the view of the city from the peak is breathtaking. Every time I climb to the summit, I realise how lucky I am to live and study in such a remarkable city and country!”

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"I believe that my training at QMU will set me apart from other candidates when applying for occupational therapy jobs when I move back to Canada."
Alexia Mitchell

[Story published 2017]