Active Revision Tips

This guide covers some steps you can take to actively revise during your studies.

Active Revision tips

• Plan back from the deadline.
Take a topic and break into sections. Fit these into the time left. Be realistic – aim for a broad grasp of all topics, rather than a lot of depth on only one or two.

• Set targets for revision sessions
Set a realistic, measurable goal for each session.
Short, sharp revision sessions are best. Break up topics into chunks and check you have covered everything at least once. Have gaps for emergency sessions and breaks.

• Reduce/rework notes
Reduce and re-draft as short, concise summaries – reduce further to key points/cards. This all helps develop your understanding. Use reduced notes as ‘over-views’ of a topic. Try mind mapping, making diagrams of
topics to jog your memory. Find what suits you – everyone’s different.,

• Question yourself
Recap a topic briefly later that day. Take 10 minutes to test your understanding. Recap again the next day. Pick a topic, jot down the key points/issues. Spot the gaps and follow them up. Reinforcing helps memory.

Revise with friends. Pick a time, topics – and spend time talking through questions. Keep it on track – ‘test’ each other for subject knowledge, ask awkward questions.

• Look at past papers
Practise de-coding exam questions. Note the key question they want addressed - ‘discuss, compare, critically evaluate, explain…’- as well as the key content.

• Talk and think to yourself
Try to practise using your memory at relaxed times. Talk through a topic, issue, question while in the bath, washing up,…or just think through a question on the bus and plan how you’d tackle it.

• Positive recap
Build confidence by ending a day/revision session on a positive note:What am I clearer about? What do I feel better about? However small, focus on it. This helps to build self-belief to help you through the exam itself.

• Look after yourself
Eat well, exercise, go for short walks, have treats and get more sleep.

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