Employer Mentoring

Both employers and students have a lot to gain from the Employer Mentoring Programme. 

The employer/mentee relationship allows students to develop their employability skills while gaining a close insight into a particular job or sector. At the same time employers experience the rewards of being a mentor and of sharing their knowledge with enthusiastic students.

Who Can Apply?

Our Employer Mentoring programme offers third and fourth year students the opportunity to meet with an experienced professional who have relevant industry experience relating to each individual student’s course.

All 3rd and 4th year and some postgraduate students can apply for a mentor. However, if you have lived in Scotland for at least 3 years before starting Higher Education then it is definitely worth applying for a mentor and joining the programme. If you meet the baseline criteria, apply now for the QMU Employer Mentoring Scheme!

What are the benefits?

The Employer Mentoring Programme offers many benefits to students including opportunities to:

  • Gain a better understanding about a particular profession or employment area
  • Gaining relevant experience to add to their CV
  • Discuss career aspirations and options available
  • Create and develop networks in their field of study
  • Increase their confidence and employability
  • Gaining first hand knowledge and advice from employers

Who are the mentors?

We have a wide range of mentors with a wealth of experience in Business, Marketing, PR, Theatre/Drama, Events, Culture, Nutrition, Food Industry, SLT, Hospitality, Tourism, Advertising, Counselling, Social Sciences and Media. Mentors from other subjects may also be available. Mentors may have experience in the charity sector, commercial organisations or establishing their own company. Queen Margaret University receives funds from the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) to support widening participation.

Enterprise Mentoring Programme

We have mentors that can help students to set up their own company. You can also apply online or contact us for more information. This is a bespoke service.

Careers and Employability

If you are a student looking for careers advice you can contact Marion Pollock, Caroline Smith or Charlotte Beck.

If you are an employer looking for information please contact Juan Garcia.

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Careers and Employability

Marion Pollock 0131 474 0000
Caroline Smith Careers Adviser 0131 474 0000
Charlotte Beck Careers Advisor 0131 474 0000
Juan Garcia Employability and Development Adviser 0131 474 0000

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