Become a Mentor

Our Employer Mentoring Programme is looking to hear from professional individuals who would be interested in mentoring one of our students.

Being involved in the Employer Mentoring Programme allows volunteer mentors to have a direct impact on our students' development and success. And apart from a real feeling of satisfaction and achievement, it also provides professionals with the opportunity to gain a range of valuable skills from which they can then further benefit their organisations.

What are the benefits?

Through participation in Queen Margaret University Employer Mentoring Programme you will:

  • Receive professional mentoring training and support
  • Develop coaching and mentoring skills
  • Enhance leadership and management skills to support staff development .
  • Promote your company to students and other businesses
  • Meet like-minded individuals from across sectors
  • Establish links with Queen Margaret University, students and graduates

At the end of the programme volunteer mentors will be presented with a certificate issued by the University in recognition of their participation in the mentoring scheme.

What’s the time commitment?

There will be an initial half day/one evening training session at the University to develop understanding of your role as a mentor and put into practice some of the key skills and competences required for mentoring.

Mentors will be expected to meet their mentees a minimum of four times per year (around an hour per session) between October and the end of April, either online, in person and sometimes at the mentor's workplace. During this time, you will receive support from your trainer if/when required.

In January we offer a voluntary three hour workshop to share progress and experiences with other mentors. Further training is available if necessary to polish your mentoring skills.

How to become a mentor?

If you are interested in mentoring one of our students please email Employer Mentoring.

Careers and Employability

If you are a student looking for careers advice you can contact Marion Pollock, Caroline Smith or Charlotte Beck.

If you are an employer looking for information please contact Juan Garcia.

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Careers and Employability

Marion Pollock 0131 474 0000
Caroline Smith Careers Adviser 0131 474 0000
Charlotte Beck Careers Advisor 0131 474 0000
Juan Garcia Employability and Development Adviser 0131 474 0000

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