Doctoral Bursaries - Institute for Global Health and Development (IGHD)

The Institute for Global Health and Development (IGHD) is a world class research and teaching institute working at the interface of Global Health and Development. Current research foci are in the intersecting areas of health systems, particularly in fragile settings; impact of climate change on health systems; refugee integration and resettlement, and resilience and coping in conflict and disaster.

We are seeking applications for a research training bursary (i.e. A PhD plus Doctoral Certificate in Researcher Enhancement and Development) from strong PhD Candidates.

IGHD sits within the School of Health Sciences at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

Applications are invited on any topic related to IGHD’s current research, but our topics for 2023’s bursary competition are:

[BUR 23-19] - Refugee care and its integration with national health systems. (Prof Sophie Witter, Dr Maria Bertone)

[BUR 23-20] - The impact of climate change on health and on healthcare system and community resilience. (Dr Paul Kadetz)

[BUR 23-21] - Place-based engagements with integration policies and/or practices, conceptualising integration broadly to include the wellbeing (not just of refugees but of all members of society). (Dr Marcia Vera-Espinoza, Dr Arek Dakessian)

[BUR 23-22] - Social connections, coping and resilience in conflict and/or disaster-affected settings. (Dr Marcia Vera-Espinoza, Dr Paul Kadetz)

Details of the IGHD can be found on the website along with along with links to current projects, publications, students and staff. Applications from qualified Speech and Language Therapists or non-clinicians are both welcome.

The successful applicant will be working within a highly skilled team of subject experts and will receive:

  • full waiver of tuition fees.
  • an annual stipend of £17,668 lasting 3 years for full-time study.
  • a research budget of £2000 to cover project expenses and travel.

The deadline for applications is Friday 10 March 2023. More information the bursary competition.

More information on IGHD.

In addition to this bursary opportunity, IGHD welcomes applications for co-supervision of students registered at other institutions or with external funding at any time. Self-funded and externally registered students would have more flexibility in the topic of their research and should contact relevant potential supervisors, or Dr Arek Dakessian, to discuss an application.