Doctoral Bursaries - Centre for Person-centred Practice Research (CPcPR)

Bursary topics in the Centre for Person-centred Practice Research (CPcPR) as part the of the 2023 PhD Bursary at QMU, Edinburgh.

Outline for F/T PhD Bursary in Person-centred Practice Research

We are offering a research training bursary (i.e. A PhD plus Doctoral Certificate in Researcher Enhancement and Development) to be located within the Centre for Person-centred Practice Research (CPcPR) at QMU Edinburgh.

In keeping with our Centre’s research strategy and our revised research themes, the research will be carried out and reported in such a way that it contributes to the growing international body of knowledge and expertise in person-centredness in healthcare; this might be in practice, research or education or other related areas.

Applicants are welcome from different professions or from people who have had different life experiences with healthcare. While we are open to exact topic of research, applicants need to specify which theme the research will contribute to:

  • person-centred culture, [BUR 23-15]
  • experiences of person-centredness, [BUR 23-16]
  • person-centred interventions [BUR 23-17]
  • person-centred curriculum [BUR 23-18]


The applicant will also need to provide an outline of the topic and it’s intended outcomes and consider how the research will use a person-centred approach/methodology. Please refer to McCormack et al 2017[1] and Dewing et al 2021[2] for details about person-centred research methodologies.

In addition to QMU Graduate school research infrastructure, the CPcPR can offer research supervision by academics with an international track record in person-centred research and scholarship and connections to other international researchers working in the field. We also host a doctoral candidate international community of practice and network offering significant peer support and learning opportunities. 

We welcome informal contact and conversations about the bursary. Please contact Dr Erna Haraldsdottir

[1] McCormack B, Eide T, Skovdal K, Eide H, Kapstad H and van Dulman S (2017) Person-centred Healthcare Research – ‘the person in question’: The Person-centred Research Handbook, Wiley Publishers, Oxford.

[2] Dewing, J., McCormack, B. and McCance, T. (2021) Person-centred Nursing Research:  Methodology, Methods and Outcomes, Springer Nature, Switzerland.