CHEARR Doctoral Students

The doctoral students in the Centre for Health, Activity and Rehabilitation Research (CHEARR) are studying a range of innovative topics which address physical activity and rehabilitation needs for enhanced health outcomes by utilising theory-driven approaches and employing creative methodological techniques. Below please find brief profiles explaining the doctoral research being undertaken by students in this Research Centre. 

Alison Kelly

Doctoral Research Topic: An Investigation of the feasibility and impact of a mHealth prehabilitation programme for patients with Oesophageal cancer. The mPOC study.

Doctoral Research Methodological approaches: Mixed Methods Research Design

Research Experience and Interests: mHealth, mobile health, telehealth, prehabilitation, oesophageal cancer 

Supervisors: Dr Lisa Salisbury and Dr Gillian Baer.

Ken Van Alsenoy

Doctoral Research topic: The effect of running shoes with and without custom made foot orthotics on running performance and comfort.

Doctoral Research methodological approaches: Exercise footwear, Orthotics, Running, Material, Economy of locomotion.

Research Experience and Interests: Randomised Clinical trials using Instrumented gait analysis (3D gait analysis, instrumented treadmills) and Systematic review investigating footwear and orthotics in relation to sport performance.

Supervisors: Prof. Derek Santos and Prof. Marietta van der linden

Professional Social Media Profiles: Twitter- @MrKenKVA, OrcID, Google Scholar and LinkedIn

Mustafa Osman Elhadi Ahmed

Doctoral Research topic: Wearable Devices for Supporting Frail Individuals to Live Independently

Doctoral Research methodological approaches: Cross-sectional investigation, Quantitative analytical methods and Instrumented activity recognition to assess activities of daily living.

Research Experience and Interests: Biomechanics, Gait Analysis, 3D Motion Analysis, Medical Device Design and Smart Wearables.

Supervisors: Dr Pelagia Koufaki and Prof Hongnian Yu 

Professional Social Media Profiles: LinkedIn, Research Gate

Petra Marsico, PT MSc

Doctoral Research topic: Somatosensory Function and Body awareness of children with neu-romotor disorders, with a focus on the lower limbs

Doctoral Research methodological approaches: Systematic reviews, Psychometric studies and Delphi design.

Research Experience and Interests: Influence of body awareness on motor learning, Motor imagery, and sensori-motor learning, Outcome Assessments in children with upper motor neuron lesions and Structural influence on mobility, function and movement performance in children with disabilities.

Supervisors: Prof. Marietta van der linden, Prof. Tom H. Mercer and Prof. Hubertus JA van Hedel.

Professional Social Media Profiles: LinkedIn, Research Gate

Vedad Abdolkhani

Doctoral Research topic:

Impacts of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) used for foot- drop in people with Multiple Sclerosis

Doctoral Research methodological approaches: Systematic Reviews, Mixed method and 3D gait analysis.

Research Experience and Interests: Gait analysis, Fatigue and motor fatigability and Dual task performance/

Research Supervisors: Prof. Marietta van der linden (Chair); Dr. Kavi Jagadamma; Prof. Cathy Bulley.

Professional Social Media Profile: LinkedIn