Lecture Halls, Laboratories and Specialist Facilities

We have a range of lecture theatres, and seminar and tutorial rooms as well as teaching laboratories, research laboratories and clinics; and specialist facilities for creative industry courses.

These facilities are designed to accommodate a wide range of teaching and research activities. The larger teaching laboratories are equipped with a SMARTboard, data projector, PC, DVD and video systems as are the lecture theatres and seminar rooms.

More information on teaching and research laboratories is featured below. Selective laboratories and clinic areas are supported by a small number of specialist technical preparation areas and associated storerooms.

In addition to the lecture theatre and laboratories listed below, other specialist rooms on campus include, for example, a carpentry workshop, a costume design and construction studio, music practice spaces and a surgical suite.

Lecture Theatres and Classrooms

HALLE LECTURE THEATRE (room number 3148)
Seating up to 250 (tiered seating)

LECTURE THEATRE (room number 2156)
Seating up to 150 (flat seating)

LECTURE THEATRES (room number 3168 or 3169)
Each seating up to 150 (retractable tiered seating)
Combined 3168/3169 retracted (Exam hall use)

Classrooms - Seats 60 with writing tablets (no tables)
Classrooms - Seats 30 tables and chairs

Arts Therapies Laboratories and Clinics (Level 0)

Music Therapy Room (room number 054)

A relatively small but open space equipped with a wide range of musical instruments for use by Music Therapy students. Instruments include an upright Transacoustic Piano, Electronic Keyboards, a Drum Kit, a range of Guitars both acoustic and electric, etc. The room is partially soundproofed. Approx. Capacity: 12 Students.

Art Psychotherapy Studio (room number 064)

A double size room configured for Art activities. 5 Sinks, a range of tables at 2 different heights, custom storage for paper, art materials, etc. Mainly used by AT students. A large selection of art & craft materials and equipment are held in this room, ranging from paintbrushes to a potter’s wheel. A Kiln is housed in room 3152 for firing pottery work.

Approx. Capacity: 30 students

Occupational Therapy, Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Speech & Language and Audiology Laboratories and Clinics (Level 2)

Occupational Performance Room/ Therapy Suite (room number 2104)

This specialised suite contains facilities that reflect the contents of a house. Students can become familiar with a variety of assistive technology and it’s use in rehabilitation. This facilitates practice in relation to the occupations of daily living, e.g., working in the kitchen, managing in and out of chairs, sofas, bed, the bath, etc.  This room can be used for teaching purposes and small group work.  These facilities are utilised to introduce, educate and reinforce students practical skills allied to underpinning theories of occupation.

This suite was officially opened in 2013 by HRH, The Princess Royal, Patron, College of Occupational Therapists to commemorate 75 years of Occupational Therapy education in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Approx. Capacity: 20 Students.

 Research Rooms (room number 2105, 2125 and  3141)

These small Research Rooms are designed for both undergraduate, post graduate and staff project and research work. All are equipped with an adjustable examination plinth, a wash basin, a Thin Client terminal, table and chairs and those on Level 2 are temperature controlled. (From BMS System)

Room 2105 is carpeted whilst the others have vinyl flooring, making them suitable for phlebotomy.

Clinic Reception & Waiting Area

The reception and waiting area service the Podiatry, Speech and Audiology clinical areas and the Motion Analysis Lab. During semester, it is staffed by a receptionist. An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is located behind the reception desk.

Clinic - Podiatry (room number 2120)

A ten treatment bay clinic with plinths, curtained cubicles, scrub sinks, podiatrists’ chairs. The clinic is used for biomechanical assessments and a dressings clinics.   The clinic is open to the public and treatment can be booked through the clinic reception.

Approx. Capacity: 30 students

Theatre Unit - Podiatry (room number 2122, 2123 and 2124)

Minor surgical procedures, such as in-growing toenail removal, are carried out in the Theatre Suite. The suite consists of a Pre Op Room, a Theatre and a Recovery room. The unit is equipped with treatment plinths, a theatre chair, scrub sinks, resuscitation equipment, clinical waste bins, trolleys, storage units and a bench top steriliser (Autoclave).

Motion Analysis Laboratory (room number 2127)

Equipped with a VICON 612, 8 Camera (M2 Near IR Cameras) motion capture system with NEXUS Software and 2 AMTI ORC-6 force plates, capable of measuring ground reaction forces in 3 dimensions. The laboratory can be used for a wide variety of motion analysis tasks. The laboratory is also equipped with; Delsys EMG System, Tekscan Walkway – pressure sensing floor-mat gait analysis system, a Tecscan F Scan mobile Gait Analysis system which provides plantar pressure and force measurement from in-shoe sensors, a PEDAR in-shoe dynamic pressure measuring system, set of steps, adjustable treatment plinth.

Orthotics Laboratory (room number 2135) and Machine Room (room number 2133)

This laboratory is geared towards the production of Foot Orthotics (Foot Orthotics correct an abnormal, or irregular, walking pattern. They perform functions that make standing, walking, and running more comfortable and efficient, by altering slightly the angles at which the foot strikes a walking or running surface). Gait analysis can be conducted in the lab using the treadmill and video cameras, to determine gait problems, which are then treated by customized orthotic devices. Orthotics can be produced from scratch or modifications can be made to off- the-shelf orthotics using the equipment available in the laboratory. Equipment in this area includes; Plinths, Casting Materials, Grinders, Vacuum Formers, Thermoplastic Ovens, Glue Bench, Treadmill, Video Analysis equipment.

Clinical Skills (Physiotherapy) Rooms (room number 2163 and 2165)

The 2 Physiotherapy Clinical Skills rooms are used to teach and practice a variety of therapeutic techniques. Both are equipped with 10 adjustable hydraulic treatment plinths. A wide range of specialist Physiotherapy Equipment is available in adjacent storerooms. This includes; Ultrasound, Interferential Stimulators, Shortwave, Laser, TENS and a variety of exercise therapy equipment. Practical and Theoretical Anatomy is also taught in these areas, this is supported by a range of Anatomical Specimens, Models and Software packages.

Approx. Capacity: 30 students (each lab)

Human Performance Laboratory (room number 2166)

This multidisciplinary laboratory supports teaching and research in areas such as exercise physiology, anthropometry and movement analysis. It is well equipped with a Cortex on-line gas analyser, Monark and Lode Bicycle Ergometers, Woodway Treadmill and a Kistler Forceplate In addition to these larger items a wide range of smaller equipment including, anthropometric assessment equipment, electromyograph (EMG) systems , electro-goniometers and accelerometers are all available in this lab. The laboratory is also used for both undergraduate and postgraduate project work. Approx.

Capacity: 26 students

Neuromuscular Research Laboratory (room number 2167)

This Research Lab holds equipment for the measurement of muscle and soft tissue performance, in relation to musculoskeletal and neurological problems. Equipment located in this laboratory includes; a purpose built dynamometer, an arthrometer, an EMG system and a magnetic stimulator. The laboratory is predominantly used for research at post graduate level under the direction of Prof. Nigel Gleeson, but can also be used for teaching at post graduate level

Approx. Capacity: Four research staff

Psychology, Nursing, Nutrition & Food Science, Radiography Laboratories and Clinics (Level 3)

Psychology Research Laboratories (room number 3103 and 3114)

Two laboratories (rooms 3114 & 3103) house around 10 computers each and all PCs are equipped with various kinds of specialist software in order to facilitate a wide variety of research projects. The main types of software used include E-Prime, MediaLab & DirectRT. Lab 3114 additionally houses a Biopac MP160 system with EDA and ECG modules, a Tobii Pro Nano eye-tracker and Virtual Reality equipment. In addition, the laboratory facilities store video & audio recording equipment, along with editing software for use in research. There are also currently eight laptops available to students which allow research to be carried out off site. These laboratories also have display equipment for giving presentations and holding research meetings.

SCFDI Food Chemistry Laboratory (room number 3115a)

Small Chemistry laboratory equipped with recirculating Fume Hood, Lab Benching, Fridge/Freezer and storage. Setup for use by SCFDI as a small space to carry out Food Chemistry analysis, etc. 

Also used by PhD Research Students.

Research Laboratory – Patch Clamp Etc. (Iain Gow) (room number 3115b)

Small research laboratory space setup for use by Dr Iain Gow for his patch clamp work. Room is equipped with a anti vibration table, a range of microscopes, and patch clamp apparatus linked to a specialist PC.

Also used for BSc Hons student projects and the occasional summer student. Additional equipment associated with this work and Dr Gow’s research is stored in room 3103.

Simulation Suite – Nursing Skills (room number 3120)

The simulation suite is split into a number of areas to simulate the clinical environment. These include; a 4 bed general ward, a two bed high dependency unit, a single bed side room, a shower room / toilet, a sluice room and a nurses station. A selection of manikins and simulators facilitate training in a range of procedures.

Radiography X Ray Room (room number 3121)

This room contains both Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiography equipment. The Diagnostic side is equipped with a fully operational Siemens Multix Pro X Ray System which can be used with a variety of ‘Phantoms’ to simulate patients. A Fuji Computerised Radiography (CR) system with high resolution digital workstations allows viewing and manipulation of the images. 

Diagnostic X Ray System. The Therapeutic area is equipped with a treatment table and lasers which allow patient positioning for radiotherapy treatment to be taught and practised. In addition to the above, Diagnostic Ultrasound equipment is also available in this room.

Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Room (room number 3122)

Room equipped with 4 Varian Treatment Planning Workstations and a large TV monitor for image display. An X Ray Film library and associated viewing boxes are also held in this room. Approx Capacity: 10.

SCFDI Food Processing Area (room number 3123a)

A purpose designed ‘white room’ for food processing Knowledge Exchange activities. The main user is Advanced Microwave Technologies (AMT) mainly for collaborative work with QMU. The room is fitted with sealed walls and floor suitable for hose wash-down, a large drainage channel in the floor, sealed electrical outlets, 30Amp 3 Phase power supply, extract ventilation and a large stainless steel double sink unit. The equipment includes a Catering Standard Fridge and Freezer.

3123b SCFDI Food Microbiology Laboratory (room number 3123b)

Containment Level 1 Microbiology laboratory specifically for SCFDI Food KE Activities e.g. Shelf Life Testing. Equipment includes a Laminar Flow

Cabinet, Incubators, Fridge and a -80C Freezer.

This laboratory is also used currently for BSC Hons or MSc students carrying out Microbiology Projects.

Microbiology / Tissue Culture Research / Project Laboratory (room number 3130)

This laboratory provides a small research space for tissue culture work and has two carbon dioxide incubators one of which allows control of oxygen levels. There is working space for two researchers. Other facilities include a Class II safety cabinet, and a standard incubator. This room is fitted with a High CO2 Alarm. Piped services include natural gas, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and deionised water. Also used for Microbiology BSc Hons and MSc projects

Microbiology Teaching Laboratory (room number 3132)

This undergraduate teaching laboratory has bench space for 36 students at any one time, with access to microscopes, incubators, water baths and fridges. Piped services include natural gas, vacuum, carbon dioxide and deionised water.

Approx. Capacity: 36 students

Chemistry Teaching Laboratory (room number 3136)

This undergraduate teaching laboratory has bench space for 30 students at any one time,. A range of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacology class sessions can be accommodated in this area.   Specialist facilities include 4 fume hoods, centrifuges, chromatography tanks, electrophoresis gel systems, freeze dryer, water baths, high temperature oven and a full range of laboratory glassware. This laboratory also has direct access to the instrument laboratory.

Piped services include natural gas, deionised water, air, nitrogen and vacuum.

Approx. Capacity: 30 students

Chemistry Instrument Laboratory (room number 3138)

The instrument lab is home to the larger items of analytical equipment such as the Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrophotometer (ICPE),High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC), RX Monza Clinical Chemistry Analyser, Plate Readers, Densitometer, Reflotron, Spectrophotometers, Ultrasonic Disintegrator, Glucose/Lactate Analyser, Ultra Centrifuge, 5 decimal place balance and their associated control and data acquisition PC systems. Piped Air, Argon, Helium, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Vacuum supplies are available.

Chemistry Research Laboratory (room number 3139)

The Chemistry Research Laboratory has bench space for two students working at any one time. The lab is equipped with a fume hood, a -80C Freezer, Centrifuges, Multitube Vortex, Plate Shaker, Ultrasonic waterbath and a comprehensive range of small laboratory equipment. The lab has piped vacuum, air, nitrogen and natural gas supplies.

Art Studio / General Purpose Room (room number 3155)

This room is configured for use as an Art & Design Studio or as a general purpose room. It is mainly used by OT and Drama costume design students. A large selection of art & craft materials are held in this room. A Kiln is housed in an adjacent room for firing clay artworks.

Approx. Capacity: 30 students

Food Laboratory (room number 3157)

This laboratory is equipped with 7 domestic cookers and a comprehensive range of catering utensils, pots, pans, food processors, mixers, fridge, freezer,etc. The laboratory is mainly used for food related undergraduate practicals and projects by DNBS Students. The School of Business and Enterprise also run a few food related practical sessions in this laboratory.

Approx. Capacity: 20 students

SCFDI Sensory Appraisal Facility (room number 3160)

10 x ‘Tasting Booths’ for Sensory appraisal of food samples. Each booth is equipped with a Thin Client terminal with ‘FIZZ’ software feeding back to a central database for subsequent result analysis.

SCFDI Food Development Laboratory (room number 3161)

A small laboratory used for Food Development related to Knowledge Exchange (KE) activity. Equipment includes refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, double sink, food mixers, food processors, etc