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SITS Upgrade
5th October 2021 (PM)
6th October 2021 (PM)

These services will be down or intermittent between this period:
SITS Client
Student Portal (e:vision)
Management Information Reports

Thank you for your patience during this necessary upgrade.

3rd October 2020
All issues with the MyQMU mobile app on Android devices has been resolved.  Please update to version 2.011

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Please note that the Janet network, through which QMU connects to the UK academic network and the outside world, has a regularly scheduled at risk period of 7am to 9am every Tuesday. Issues affecting the Janet network can be found on the Jisc website.

In addition, QMU has an at risk period every Friday between 7am and 8:30am. During this time servers may be updated, rebooted or otherwise affected by routine maintenance. Work scheduled outside this at risk period, or which has a particularly high impact, will be listed above.

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