Panopto for Tutors

Panopto can record everything on your computer screen, along with your voice, on any Panopto enabled PC. It can record video if there is a camera attached to the set up. The resulting recordings are published to your personal folder on the Panopto server.

Digital lecture recordings are kept for two years as per Queen Margaret's Lecture Recording Policy.

Panopto introduction

Add Panopto to your HUB module

Panopto is accessed through the HUB, the University’s Virtual Learning Environment.

There are two steps to this process (step-by-step instructions are below). First, add a link to the left menu so that Panopto can be accessed from the module. Next, provision the HUB module to use Panopto. Provisioning creates a link between the module in The HUB and a folder to store the content in Panopto.

Step 1. Add Panopto to the left hand menu

  1. Go the module in the HUB where you want to add Panopto.
  2. Check Edit Mode in the right of the top tab is ON.
  3. Click on the + symbol in the top left of the menu.
  4. Select Tool Link.
  5. In the Name field add Panopto Video
  6. From the Type drop down menu select Panopto Course Tool Application.
  7. The link will appear at the bottom of the left menu.
  8. Hover over the left of the Panopto link until a four headed arrow appears, click and drag the link up to sit within the learning and teaching area of your menu.

Step 2. Provision the course

  1. Click on the Panopto link in the left menu.
  2. You will then see a message that the course is not provisioned.
  3. Select the Configure button.
  4. On the next window that opens, select Add Course to Panopto.
  5. Once the course has provisioned a provisioning result window will appear.
  6. You can use the Configure more folders to associate more Panopto folders with this course. This may be useful if you are sharing the same content across multiple modules.
  7. Select Return to Course.

How do I upload video files to Panopto

Go to your module in the HUB and click on the Panopto Video link on the left menu.

Click the Create option on the top panel after choosing your folder, then select Upload Media 

Installing the desktop Panopto recorder

The desktop recorder needs to be downloaded and installed, see information below. Alternatively you can use the Panopto Express recorder which is web based and requires no install.

QMU Device owners

The Panopto software requires administrative rights to install the application on your devices. if you could please contact for an incident to be raised and a member of the Technology team can assist you remotely to enable the software to be installed on your device.

On campus QMU PC devices

The Panopto software has been installed on all Teaching and the larger Meeting Room devices on campus as standard. There will be announcements soon regarding how to book time in the meeting rooms and any precautions required during the current pandemic.

Personal Devices

If you have your own device that does not require administrative rights to install software then you can install the Desktop recorder as below:

  1. Go to a module in the HUB where you have added the tool link to the module.
  2. Click on the Panopto link on the left menu to open Panopto in the Hub.
  3. Select Create and then Select Record a new Session.

Image of Upload Media Panopto

A new window opens with an option to download Panopto. Download and install as you would any other application.

Image how to download Panopto

Panopto Express recorder (no-install required)

If you are unable to download the desktop recorder then you can create recordings using Panopto Express. Panopto Express works completely in-browser with no install of software. Once you have finished recording you can download your recording or share the recording to your Panopto account. Once the video is in Panopto you can edit it. 

Find out more at Panopto Express Overview

Open and start recording at Panopto Express Record

Creating desktop recordings in a module

When you create a recording via the Hub link, it will be saved in the associated folder in Panopto.

  1. Open Panopto from the left hand menu link in your HUB Module.
  2. Click on Create, Select Record a new session
  3. The Panopto desktop recorder will open.
  4. The folder to which the recording will save is shown in the Folder field.
  5. In the Name field, add a meaningful name for the recording.

How to record with Panopto for Windows

How to record with Panopto for MAC

Editing a video

Panopto overview of How to Edit A Video


You may wish to trim out the start or end of a video. The bits that you cut out are not lost and can be added back in later.

Watch a short video on How to Trim a Video

Course Rollover and Sharing videos with another module

The course rollover process will create and set-up a folder on the Panopto for the next years module, but the content of the folder will not be copied over.

Links that were created on content areas on the previous year’s module will roll over and be accessible to students on the new module. Embedded videos and links to Panopto videos that are part of the content are will rollover and be accessible.

There are two methods that can be used for rolling over Panopto content. Information and step by step guidance is available below.

Rolling over Panopto content in Hub modules

How do I search for a word in a Panopto video?

Panopto has a smart video Search Engine.

In the Panopto interface you can search for key words and skip to where these appear. Type the word into the search field and Panopto will search through every spoken word, words displayed on the screen and in slides.

Image of search for a word on Panopto

Watch a short video on Searching Inside Videos

Using Notes, Discussions and Quizzes to engage users with a Video


Panopto's note taking ability gives you the ease of typing out notes on the video on the same page as you watch. Your notes will appear time-stamped right along with the part of the video that corresponds with it. You can take notes for your own private use, share notes publicly or with specific groups of users.

Watch a short video on How to add Notes to a video


Discussion adds the option for logged in users to leave feedback or general commentary that everyone who can watch the video can see.

Watch a short video on Using discussions in a Video


In-video quizzes can test comprehension, reinforce key concepts & improve knowledge retention. They are also a way to gauge student understanding and engagement with your Panopto videos. In Panopto you have the ability to add quiz questions to any Panopto video at any point during the presentation.

How to add a quiz to a video

How do I add subtitles (closed captions)?

Add Captions

You can add ASR (automatic speech recognition) generated captions to your Panopto sessions.

Step by step instructions on How to add captions

Watch a short video on how to add captions

Viewing the Captions

Target completion time for videos one hour or shorter: 8 hours
Target completion time for videos over an hour: One day

If the video has subtitles, also called Closed Captions, you will see the CC button on the bottom of the screen. You can press this to open the captions.

Watch a short video on Viewing Closed Captions

How do I set up a video Assignment in the Hub?

A Blackboard assignment drop-box can be set up to enable students to submit a video assignment through the HUB.

The module must first be configured to use Panopto as this creates a folder on the Panopto server to hold all video files associated with the module, see Add Panopto to a Hub site

Follow the instructions below or watch a short video on How to create a video assignment in the HUB

Create the HUB assignment drop-box 

You can watch a short video on How to create a video assignment in the HUB or follow the step by step instructions. 

  • In the assessment content area click on Assessments then select Assignments from the drop-down menu.
  • Next select Add Content + symbol in a circle, on the bottom row of the editor. If the Add Content option is not visible, click on the three dots on the top right first to expand the tool bar.

Add content on Panopto - Image

  • Under Additional Tools, select Panopto Student Video Submission.

Panopto Submitting a video submission - Image

  • This will pre-populate the instruction box with the instructions for students.
  • Set up any other required  fields for the assignment, Points Possible must contain a value.

Closing an Assignment Folder 

Once all students have submitted to the assignment folder, or the deadline for the assignment has been reached, you can close the assignments folder. To do so, select the cog wheel icon in the upper right corner to open the folder Settings menu.

Recording a video with Panopto On Campus

Bringing a narrated PowerPoint into Panopto

Further Help and Support

Login to Panopto and view Getting Started Videos

If you are having issues viewing a video check the Troubleshooting Guide

Email if you have any questions that are not answered here.

Book onto a Panopto session on the TEL training calendar 

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