Panopto for Students

The following guidance has been designed for students who are looking to view recorded lectures and presentations within Panopto QMU. Guidance also covers how you can use Panopto for audio or video assignment submissions.

How can I search for something in a video?

Panopto has a smart video Search Engine.

In the Panopto interface you can search for key words and skip to where these appear. Type the word into the search field and Panopto will search through every spoken word, words displayed on the screen and in slides.

Image of Search Panopto

Watch a short video on Searching Inside Videos

What are Notes and Discussions in a Video?


Panopto's note taking ability gives you the ease of typing out notes on the video on the same page as you watch. Your notes will appear time-stamped right along with the part of the video that corresponds with it. You can take notes for your own private use, share notes publicly or with specific groups of users.

Watch a short video on How to add Notes to a video


Discussions adds the option for logged in users to leave feedback or general commentary that everyone who can watch the video can see.

Watch a short video on Using discussions in a Video

How do I take a quiz in a video?

Watch a short video on how to Take a quiz in a video.

How do I see subtitles (closed captions) and change the speed of a video?

If the video has subtitles also called Closed Captions, you will see the CC button on the bottom of the screen. You can press this to open the captions.

Watch a short video on Viewing Closed Captions

There is an option for playback speed on the lower bar, the default is 1x, but you can increase this to  up to 2x (twice as fast) or down to 0.5x (half the speed).

How do I view all recorded lectures and presentations?

Use the Panopto link on the left menu in the Hub module to access the Panopto gallery of all videos associated with the module.

How can I upload a video file for my assignment?

You can only upload a video if it is part of a video assignment submission.

Watch a short video showing how to submit your video to the HUB or follow the step by step instructions below or download a step-by-step guide on Submitting a video assignment submission

If you have been set a video assignment, you can either create a video using apps on your own device, or by using the Panopto software. Download the Quick start guide to creating a Panopto recording.

To create or upload a Video

Go to the ‘Assessment and Feedback’ page and find the video assignment. Click on the link in Step 1 to open your personal folder.

You can either upload a video you have already create, or use the Panopto software to create a video. If you have already made a video or audio file elsewhere, click on Create and choose Upload media. You will then need to find the recording and upload it.

If you want to use Panopto to make a recording, choose Record a new session. If using an iPad this may say Panopto Capture or you may need to click on Panopto for iOS. If this is the first time you’ve recorded a video using Panopto you will need to download the Panopto software.

To download the Panopto software on your own PC or MAC

  • Follow the same steps as above and click on Record a new session
  • Now click on the download Panopto button 
  • Follow the instructions to install the appropriate version for your computer.
  • You can also install the Panopto app on an Apple device from the App Store.

To record a new Video

  • After choosing Record a new session, you will be asked to open Panopto. You may see a box asking you to ‘launch application’. Make sure Panopto Recorder is selected and click on Open link.
  • When the Panopto app has opened, you can set the session settings. Leave the Folder as My Folder, and type in a name for your video assignment.
  • Select your camera from the Video list under Primary Sources. Choose None if you do not wish to record from the camera.
  • Make sure the correct Audio source is selected: the audio bar should light up green with occasional yellow when you speak. Adjust this using the slider.
  • Select Standard from the Quality list.
  • Click Record to start recording. You may pause the recording, and then resume.
  • Click Stop when you have finished
  • To keep your recording, click Done, or Delete and record again if you would like to redo the recording.
  • Close the Panopto app.

To submit your work to the Hub

  • Go back to the ‘Assessment’ in the Hub and find the video assignment. Click on the title of the assignment to go to the submission page.
  • In the Assignment submission area, click on Write Submission.

Image of Write Submission on Panopto

  • In the submission box click on Add Content, +symbol with a circle around it, and choose Panopto Student Video Submission. If the Add Content option is not visible, click on the three dots on the top right first to expand the tool bar.

Image of Assignment information on Panopto

  • Select Panopto Student Video Submission from the Additional Tools

Image of Panopto Additional tools

  • A new window will open with a list of your recordings. Select the recording you want to submit and click Submit video. Note that recordings sometimes take a short while to upload to the server after you have finished recording, so may not appear in this list immediately.
  • The video title will appear as a link to your video in the submission box.

Image of video assignment link

  • Add any further text and attach additional files if necessary.
  • Click Submit at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email receipt of submission.

Image of submission receipt

Panopto Express Recorder

If you are making a video for a video assignment and are unable to download the desktop recorder then you can create recordings using Panopto Express. Panopto Express works completely in-browser with no install of software. Once you have finished recording you can download your recording or share the recording to your Panopto account.

Find out more at Panopto Express Overview

Open and start recording at Panopto Express Record

Further Help and Support

Please refer to Panopto training videos 

If you are having issues viewing a video check the Troubleshooting Guide

Email with any other issues you are having.

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