Student Guide: Accessing assignment feedback from GradeMark

Student Guide: Accessing assignment feedback from GradeMark

GradeMark is a tool to mark submissions electronically. This means that you do not need to collect a physical copy of your feedback from the School Office. Instead the feedback is made available by the School Office once the Module tutors have completed marking. This allows for easy access and prompt release of your feedback, which can help you for future submissions.


1. How to access your assignment feedback in a GradeMark dropbox:

a. After receiving notification that your provisional marks and feedback are available via the Hub - Login to the Hub at

b. On the home page go to course list and select the module for the relevant assignment.

c. Within the module area select Assignments in the left hand navigation menu (in some modules this maybe named differently e.g. Assessments.

d. You should see your assignment dropbox that you submitted too. Select View/Complete

Image of assessments section of HUB@QMU platform with 'view/complete' circled.

e. The screen will then display the assignment information. Select the Blue View button.

Image of 'Submit Turnitin Assignment' with highlighted 'View' button

f. In the popup window that opens you will see your submission, feedback and grade.

g. At the bottom right hand corner, you can select from three boxes:

Here you can view:

i. General comments for the entire paper

ii. All QuickMarks and comments for the paper

iii. Sometimes you will also see a form which your tutor has used. Please note not all tutors use rubrics/forms.

h. At the bottom left-hand corner you will see two icons:

i. To print/download your assessment with all the feedback comments, click the print icon and select download PDF of current view for printing


!Important note! :

In order to provide prompt feedback for students, guidance comments and provisional marks are included in the feedback. The mark will be provisional until confirmed by the Board of Examiners. Should you need further help regarding the assessment/feedback process, please contact the School Office: