We are delighted that you are considering one of our exciting programmes within Initial Teacher Education and hope this page helps to answer some of your questions regarding the courses or on the journey in becoming a teacher.

If however you have any questions which have not been answered within these FAQs, please contact the Admissions team who will try to assist.

BA (Hons) Education Studies (Primary)

Can you accept a C in Higher English?

No. Applicants must have achieved/be predicted a B at Higher. Even for LEAPS & WP applicants we are unable to lower the requirement to a C.

If studying on a SWAP Access course, applicants may meet the English requirement with the content of their course without taking Higher English. If in doubt please email admissions with details of your specific course so this can be checked.


What level of Maths do I need?

Like English, it is a GTCS requirement that applicants have the required level of Maths. Applicants must have National 5 Maths at a grade C or above. Lifeskills/Applications of Maths are acceptable. Numeracy or Nat 4 is not accepted.

An Access course might cover sufficient Maths units but this will need to be checked. If applicants are unsure whether their qualification is suitable we suggest contacting admissions.


What SWAP Access courses do you accept?

We will consider a number of SWAP Access courses for entry, you can find out more details on the SWAP website

Most of the listed SWAP courses will include Maths & English study that will meet the GTCS requirement, however it is important to ask the college to make sure.

Any Access to Higher Education courses, or other programmes please check with admissions.


What HNC’s do you accept?

We accept HNC Childhood Practice and HNC Social Sciences for entry to year one. Applicants will need to achieve a B in the graded unit and meet the minimum level of Maths and English.


How much of the course is placements?

For Primary teaching there will be 30 weeks placement total across the course, starting in year two. You can view more information on placements on the course page on our website. 


Are there interviews?

Not before the primary teaching course starts. In year one students will be assessed/interviewed to allow progression in to year two.


Do I need experience?

While experience is not essential, applicants who can demonstrate within their personal statements that they have experience within primary schools, or other work with young people across a range of age groups, will likely be more competitive.


Can I teach in England with this qualification?

Before you can teach in England you will need to apply for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through the Teaching Regulation Agency. You can apply for QTS and have your qualification assessed via their assessment on mutual recognition. You must firstly however have full registration with the GTCS and completed the probationary period.


Can I teach overseas?

The short answer is yes. However you would need to apply to have your skills/qualifications assessed by the country you intend to go to. Each country has its own form of assessment and eligibility can also depend on whether teaching is on the country’s ‘Skills in Demand list’ if they have one. In most cases you would also need to have a job offer and a relevant visa for that country.


When should I apply?

There is a strict deadline to apply through UCAS by January 26th in the same year the course starts. Due to the volume of applications, we are unlikely to be able to consider any applications received after this day.


How many places are available on the course?

There are 120 places on the course.

PGDE Secondary (Home Economics)

Is there any funding for the PGDE?

Applicants apply through SAAS to have their tuition fees paid, and it’s treated as an undergraduate course with same fees £1,820 for Scottish 'Home' students.

Some applicants may be eligible to apply for the STEM bursary previously offered through Skills Development Scotland. Please check directly with SDS for more information on eligibility and how to apply.


What are the PGDE entry requirements?

The entry requirements can appear complicated and are set as a minimum by the General Teaching Council for Scotland. It is best that applicants email a copy of their transcripts to admissions as soon as possible so that credit points can be checked.


Do I need to have any sewing or practical food skills certificates?

While we don’t specify this as part of our entry requirements at the moment, Home Economics teachers must be able to teach school pupils how to sew and prepare food. We would therefore recommend that applicants’ best prepare themselves for being able to do this and will view certificates such as these in a positive light.


Do I still need to meet the Maths and English requirement if I have a degree.

Yes. It is a GTCS requirement for all teachers to meet the minimum level of Maths and English in addition to any degree or other qualifications. We are unable to make exceptions to this.


What level of Maths and English do I need?

The main qualifications that applicants will need to provide are National 5 Maths at a grade C or above or equivalent, such as Standard grade Maths grade 1 or 2.

Lifeskills/Applications of Maths are acceptable. Numeracy or Nat 4 is not accepted.

There may be other courses we can accept so please contact admissions if in doubt.

English is needed at Higher grade C or above.


Do you accept Maths and English qualifications earned a while ago when I was at school?

Yes. The GTCS Memorandum on entry requirements does not have any recommendation around the time when qualifications were achieved. Therefore qualifications awarded a while ago are valid as long as they meet the GTCS minimum academic requirement.


When should I apply?

There is a strict deadline to apply through UCAS by January 26th in the same year the course starts. There is no guarantee that we can consider applications received after this day so please try to apply before this day.


How many places are available on the course?

There are 25 places on the course.

Questions covering both ITE programmes

Do I need a criminal record check from the UK to begin the course?

Yes. All applicants with a UK address will need to apply for membership to the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme managed by Disclosure Scotland. If you receive an offer from QMU we will contact you before matriculation to help guide you through this. If you are already a member of the PVG scheme you will need to complete an existing member’s form, and again we will guide you through this process. If you are moving to the UK from overseas you will need to apply for PVG membership once you arrive in the UK and begin your course.


Do I need a criminal record check from outside the UK?

If you have lived in another country for three months or more in a single period since the age of sixteen, you will need to provide a criminal records check from that country. This is in addition to joining the PVG scheme.

Information on how to obtain a Criminal Record Check from countries outside the UK can be found on the UK Government website 

If you are/were resident in a country which is not included on the UK Government list, you should obtain a Police Check/Certificate of Good Conduct from the local police authority in the relevant country. 

If the certificate is not in English you will need to provide a certified translation. Submission of these documents by a deadline will form a condition of the offer made to international students.

All Criminal Record Checks must be dated within the last 1 years prior to the course start date.


Do I need to have any vaccinations?

There is no specific requirement for this. However as you will be entering classrooms with young children it is advisable that your vaccination history is fully up to date. If you are unsure then speak to your GP who can advise.


When will I know my timetable?

Timetables are made over the summer and you will be able to access your personalised timetable once you matriculate in August.


Where will my placement be?

Your placement can be in any of 5 local authorities. This will be allocated using the placement management system with GTCS and at most you will expected to travel up to 90 minutes to your placement.


What happens once I graduate?

It is a legal requirement that all teachers are registered with the GTCS. Upon successful completion of your ITE programme you will be eligible to be provisionally registered with the GTCS. To become fully registered you must complete a probation period equivalent to one school year (190 days). All UK students studying on these programmes will be guaranteed a place on the Teacher Induction Scheme which provides this one-year teaching post in a local authority.


Do I have to take part in the Teacher Induction Scheme?

To become fully registered with the GTCS, all teachers must go through a probationary period and the easiest way to do this is through the Teacher Induction Scheme. If however you are an International student, have opted out of the scheme or cannot commit to a full-time post, you may be able to complete your probation period through the Flexible Route. This allows graduate teachers to build up their experience through temporary or part time employment. If you choose to follow the Flexible Route you will need at least 270 days teaching experience to reach the Standard for Full Registration, rather than the 190 days of the teacher Induction Scheme. For more information on the Flexible Route please contact the GTCS.


Can I do my probation year outwith my local authority?

Yes you can. If completing your probationary year as part of the Teacher Induction Scheme, you can chose to either work either within your five local authorities or you can chose to work anywhere in Scotland. You will then be assigned a school which can be in any council area of Scotland. By doing this you will earn an extra £6000 (primary) or £8000 (secondary) on top of your probationers salary.


To speak with someone in admissions:

Please contact us by email through the above. Alternatively you can contact us by calling 0131 474 0000 and asking for ‘admissions’. In the meantime please also take a look at our Facebook pages or discover the QMU student experience.