How to provide Certificates and Transcripts

How to provide Certificates and Transcripts for an application

What academic documents do I need to send with an application?

For most post-graduate courses, we need to see your degree certificate and academic transcripts. These are assessed together so we must receive both. If you no longer have one of these documents, you will need to contact your university to request a copy. Some universities can take some time to send these and may change a fee.

What is an academic transcript?

An academic transcript is a document that indicates your performance for the modules you have studied, showing the number of credits you have achieved and the level at which you have studied.

For applications to post-graduate programmes, we will normally need to see a copy of your degree certificate and all pages of your academic transcript. Academic transcripts have been provided by all UK and most EU universities since 1999 and will be a list of modules you have studied and grades awarded. Your transcript may also be called your Higher Education Diploma Supplement.

For most applications we only need to see the most recent and/or highest qualification you have achieved. If you are applying for a course that requires evidence of "recent study" you must provide transcripts and ideally certificates of this too.

If your degree certificate and transcript is not in English, we must see an officially translated version of both documents before we can assess your academic documents. An official translation will include the signed and stamped details of the translator and cannot be provided by yourself.


What if I don’t have my final degree certificate yet?

If you have completed your degree but do not receive your final degree certificate until a later date you can request an official letter from your University to submit with your application. This must state your eligibility to graduate and degree classification. We will then require a copy of your degree certificate once this has been issued, prior to the course start.

What if I don’t graduate until the summer before term starts?

You can still apply and hold an offer even if you haven't finished studying yet. You will need to send in copies of your academic transcripts to date and any offer made would then be conditional on completion of your degree with a certain grade, classification or G.P.A.

My documents are not in English?

Where your original degree certificate, academic transcript, or other relevant documents are not in English you must provide an officially certified translation as well as the original version. An official translation will include the signed and stamped details of the translator and cannot be provided as translated by yourself.

How do I send the documents?

If you have to provide further documents or we ask you to provide documents to be included with your application, you can send them to us by uploading through the link in the e-mail we send you. Alternatively, you can send by e-mail by scanning them or taking a good-quality photo (with your phone for example). Please make sure all the relevant information is included and that they are sent through as a PDF or JPEG file no larger than 2MB.

Please e-mail these through to You must include your student number, name and course title when you e-mail them to us.




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