Continuing professional development application

Continuing professional development (CPD) applications

We offer a range of short courses developed especially for CPD purposes. The application process varies depending on the course. For the majority of courses you can apply online using the “Apply for this Course” button which appears top right on each course page, but a small number of courses require a paper application form.

For some courses, you will need contact the course tutor before you apply. This can be because there are special requirements for the programme that the tutors would like to discuss with all applicants, such as unusual start dates or a different application form to complete.

You can find the name and contact details for each tutor on the CPD course webpage. If you have any problems contacting the course tutor please get in touch with Admissions.

For more information on the range of courses available see our CPD course pages.

Fees and how to apply

Details of how to apply are given on each CPD course page, along with information on fees.

Single module study

For some courses you do not have to commit to a full named award (e.g. MSc, MBA), you can opt to study individual modules. As little as one module will enable you to further your knowledge in your chosen area.

Satisfactory completion of a module can provide credit towards a postgraduate award, for which you subsequently register. If you haven’t used your study skills for a while, or you want to try out study at QMU before committing yourself to a full named award, you can start with a single module to build confidence and prepare you for further study.

You should contact the Programme Leader listed on the course page for the full degree programme, to find out which modules are particularly suitable for studying as a stand-alone option.

If you wish to apply for a single module as part of a programme of study, look for the “Apply for this Course” button at the top of the course page for the full degree programme. You will then have the opportunity to specify the name of the module you wish to study as part of your application.

For some single modules you may not need to supply as much documentation, for example you are usually only required to supply one reference. However, this will depend on the module so please supply as much information as you can as part of your application.

Online application form

On our application form please input your basic details. Pay close attention to the spelling of your email address as this is how we will contact you about your application in future.

As part of your application, you will need to write a personal statement specific to the course that you are applying. This is your chance to sell yourself through highlighting your experience, suitability and motivators for wanting to join this course at QMU.

You will have the chance to upload supporting documents as part of your application. This is an important part of the admissions process as without seeing supporting documents, tutors will not have enough information to make a decision on your application.

You will be allowed to save your application should you wish to complete it at a later date.

Once complete you can submit your application to us. You will receive a QMU applicant ID number which you should keep a note of and quote in any correspondence to QMU.

Supporting documents

As part of your application you will may need to submit to us:

  • A copy of your academic certificate and transcripts
  • At least one letter of reference which must be signed, dated and written on letter headed paper.

If your documents are in any language other than English then they will need to be accompanied by a formal certified translation into English, by either the awarding institution or a sworn translator.

Students whose first language is not English are required to provide us with proof of their English language ability. More information on how to do this can be found on our English language requirements page.


Some CPD courses may include an interview as part of the selection process. If your course requires an interview it will be noted on the course page and if successfully chosen we will contact you by email with further instructions and information.


Many of our courses do not have a deadline and we accept applications up until the start of the course. However a number of our most popular courses have set a closing deadline for applications. Where a deadline has been set this will be detailed on the individual course page.